He will grant you a wish. ANY tip to fix? Kaioken levels are based on your Ki levels. If he does not offer you a fight, your level is too low and you must gain a higher level. You gain access to this area after making some progress in the story. it says save ver 1.14.1 how do I get it to the 1.16 version? It should also be noted that the 5* QQ bangs had the calculation code released on reddit, but I havent seen the 6* code anywhere. The first thing I agree with, that would be nice, but the QQ bang isnt really possible, well it is technically possible to change its initial ID, but the game corrects it to whatever it should be ex: If I made an all 5 QQ bang and asked it to be marked as a level 1, the game would see that, check what stats it has, notice that it doesnt fit the criteria and make the correction. That is just for the save editor to be able to read names of the skills and items and such if the user doesnt set the game directory. This form transforms you into Kid Buu, overriding your moves and stats, while also draining stamina. the download file keeps downloading as a rar file and doesnt work. Like (XV2 Save Editor How do I fix that? Install the game through steam This list is intended to show which Game Saves that Save Wizard interacts with. I cant get Youre Not Worthy Of Fighting Me!. The new ones dont unlock properly because the unlock system seems to have changed form the previous 10. He can be found hovering around the area where you collect Parallel Quests, in between there at the World Tournament area. If that is the case where can I get the current version? I understand that these things are not displayed manually and that the Save Editor collects data on newly added items/skills/characters on its own. even if you select them to unlock you cant use them and they will not be visible in game you can only use them by selecting them in your presets in save editor and not changing skills from the skill menu in game and dont ty it they are buggy and might crash the game. Nothing has changed. For those who have the friends version, the route is: C:\Games for Windows\Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2\bin\steam_settings\454650\remote\DBXV21 Even skills like the basic Kamehameha are marked like that. But when I reset them with a wish the old stats stayed and i can add the new stat points on top. Look for key items, as they are always Dragon Balls. Its super handy and convenient. Anybody know, why ? Youtube Video - (Hold the CTRL/CMD key to select multiple categories), [US] Marvel Avengers Game Save [\CUSA14026], [US] Cyberpunk 2077 - Frequent Flyer (Trophy) CUSA16596, Terraria Labor of Love 1.4.4 AIW [CUSA00740], [US] TINY TINA'S WONDERLANDS GAME SAVE MODDED ITEMS, Tiny Tina's wonderlands Game Save Modded Items, [US] The Witcher III Complete Edition: Modded PS4 Save, [US] Shadow Man Remastered: Starter Save w/Cheats (God Mode, Inf Ammo, 666 Cadeaux + MORE! I changed my attribute stats in the save editor, but when I check in game the stats havent changed. I dont expect anything to happen soon, but this tool has completely fallen apart just to let you know, There will be no more updates, lazybone never makes people wait, I hope he just doesnt care about the game anymore, thank him for making mods, good people live in peace. I added the new customization keys in the important tab of the inventory but the new custom partners dont appear. 4. A portal will appear, and shortly afterwards a group of Time Patrollers will spawn. But the best part about it tho is adjust because you have the time to spend 600hrs in a game to reach every single thing i do not have the time or will i ever make the time to grind 600 hrs of my life to get the same outcome you will get legit when i can sit there and enjoy the game as show or fast as i possibly want to thanks. Why the Switch is the PERFECT Second Console! So Ill just wait for lazybone to do the same for the Save editor I hope. i clicked them on but dont give them to me Can you update this to be able to unlock acheivements? I can open the save files, but they cannot be saved. For example the new customization key 11-15. You will then fight revived Goku. [EU/US] Back 4 Blood - Modded Save V2, 02. My greatest concern is in the skills section of the Save Editor. Successfully complete Parallel Quest 67: "Power Of A Super Saiyan God" to unlock Super Saiyan God Goku. Fixed an issue that caused some costumes to be removed from the inventory when it had a duplicate name. you must close your game correctly and not by pressing the cross or your save will not go well. I found a Cheat Engine table that can do that on this site, from the fearless evolution forums, so if you could incorporate that into this it would be awesome (including adding titles which said table cant make all permanent, only one at a time). Raditz: Clear the 'Saiyan' Saga. I downloaded it from scratch. Dragon Balls are the most useful and iconic item in the game. its on the right side of the screen man how could you miss it? Only safer way do is making the game gave you extra attribute on level up,if not well be happy with your ruin save and pray you not online when that happened. Play Parallel Quest #04: "Prepare For The Attack Of Saiyans!" 2. Repeat this as many times as desired. These are the ones that i noticed missing. Known Characters include: SSG Goku and Vegeta and SSJ4 Gogeta. for some reason my xenoverse 2 save is CUSA0535001 and not CUSA053500, So I can't use modded saves anymore. Please fix it. Save Wizard is better then Harry Potter and Gandolf combined. So I started afresh, I download this app, and I want to edit my save file. Expected 913912 but bound 722968. Defeat the first three enemies as quickly as possible. As of version 2.1, there are some errors. Any ideas on what to do to fix it? Okay so basically I used this application on my old laptop, on 1.15 for my save file. this still works with the new dlc and update. I hack all att except kii and stamina Golden: As a Frieza, complete the Frieza faction by training on Frieza's Spaceship with Zarbon, then Ginyu, then Golden Frieza, and finally Meta-Cooler to unlock the Golden form. You should be able to farm all seven Dragon Balls within 30-60 minutes. MW2 - Quarantine V2 Zombies jtag patch, 14. I add a skill like Darkness Mixer into one of my presets or even check it as unlocked, and nothing happens! data [007_spt_data.bms] 10000 Bullets. Est desactualizado. All rights reserved. Super Saiyan ("Awoken" skill): Successfully complete some story missions and reach Level 30 to unlock an event at the Capsule Corp time rift with Vegeta. Kaioken: After the Saiyan Saga, successfully complete Parallel Quest 08: "Invade Earth" to potentially unlock the Kaioken transformation. If not Im afraid I cant help any more. Has Facebook Screwed the Pooch with Oculus? This Week's Biggest Gaming Deals via Amazon , 01. Stop Getting Your Ass Kicked in Fighting Games Today! Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 Save 01 Max Zeni Max TP Buy Now Hello, Im glad if you read this I want to ask a question, question: is there an option to unlock the characters with a click on the save editor? Normal HP : 70 stats : +-2,5 bar by DeltaOblivion Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:32 am, Post Top Black Friday Deals: Pandemic Edition! 4. No sirve para la actual versin, que es al 1.16.01. in the installation section, can you help me? When will we get an update for the latest version? Because it will mess your character stat and by default your stat change will and makingyou weaker by default. The editor does not find the save version the editor must first be updated when the game version changes that it can not detect the save version does not matter. How do I get the customization keys to work if I add them with the save editor? . Theres going to be exciting new competitions for great prizes. The location was changed in the update for some reason (DBXV21 folder, instead of DBXV2). Distorted Time Egg #1: Hercule's House. Modded God Of War Ragnarok starter save, 06. where is the download button for this editor? Hey guys, love the save editor helped me out a ton. Video Game Mods | Help | Policy | Cookies, Start your own modding community with VGM. For some reason i have the character customisaton keys for all the characters but i dont have access to actually customise them. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2/bin/steam_settings/454650/remote/Dbxv21/Dbxv2.sav 2) You can but theyre listed as unknown I figured. Some super souls are coming up with ? When is this going to be updated for compatibility with the latest version of xenoverse 2? Game is complete. Note: After finishing the Guru House and seeing Guru again after getting the 125 skill points from him, you will unlock new wishes (rare item, ultimate attack, super attack, grow more, full stomach). so uhh is this dead as it is giving me a ver ??? trophy for making a wish. \Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2\Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2\nosTEAMstorage\nosTEAM\remote\DBXV2 Voice 14 and 15 are also inaccessible since the editor only goes to 12 aka 13 in-game. Going this route will mean all mod skills/characters/quests will appear as Unknown. Description: PS4 Modded Portal Knights All Items World Save File Download V1.7.2 2022 And Trophies In the game he does not assign them to me why? The transformation costs 5 Ki bars to use. We allow modders to manage their own modding community using our platform for hosting and sharing mods, unlimited usage to grow your community without the hassle of hosting. Thank you very much for being one of our valued customers. When you enter the house area, turn right to find them in the courtyard. There are seven of them in total. Vantage - Xbox One Mod Tool (Windows), 02. Like i said, it was working just fine til today. For what ever reason it cant load all data wich makes it impossible to add certain missing outfits or accessories also it has trouble recognizing the latest one wich reults in them appearing as blank wich really sucks, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/425795816482144258/907008762555023390/unknown.png. Search for all terms or use query as entered Thank you save wizard. for some reason i cant get any custom partners past kefla even with using thee save editor. requires save wizard max for resigning [US] TINY TINA'S WONDERLANDS GAME SAVE MODDED ITEMS, 14. First of all, thank your making this! i believe the game got an unannounced update within 1.18. have you noticed the pre-order dragon ball breakers in the bottom left corner like i have. Applause him to unlock him. it should just be called DB Xenoverse 2. Cant seem to find an option in any of the tabs. Game is complete. During the mission, you will fight as Bardock vs. Mira. He is standing in the left side of the area. Of course we cant get our hopes up as he probably has real-life errands to attend to and this game is not as popular as it once was so all we can do is wait and pray :<. It makes no sense to me. Description: -Frequent Flyer (Trophy) Find all fast travel dataterms. How do I bypass the "Cannot copy. This transformation will drain your stamina -- at x20 it will drain very quickly. Is there a fix to this yet? One energy bar is normal Kaioken, 3 bars is x3 Kaioken, and 5 bars is x20 Kaioken. He appears a few times in the story. Table of Contents. Thanks again, appreciate it. its at the end of the right tab. Will the 1.16.00 version be uploaded anytime soon ? Potential Unleashed: Pass all five advancement tests with a "Z" rank to unlock an additional advancement test. Seems like support for old save versions broke but should now work in 1.31. the save editor seems to think im on 1.16.1 even though im fully updated to 1.17. when you say (pre-1.17) what do you mean? The following is a list of all 100 Parallel Quest Ultimate Finish requirements: Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy: Additionally, there are two secret trophies: Do you like video games more now or sometime in the past? did dimps block the way you can get the OP Super Souls (Unknown 226) and Darkness Mixer, Marbling Drop and Peeler Storm? Not just mentors? do you have a way to instal for linux users? Hello I download it and I saw the bar that usually shows the name were totally blanked. I definitely have the latest .net framework installed but yet, all the exe itself does is be blank and crash. The editor is up to date, as is the game. Even after saving in the game, all the DLC skills and stuff still appear as unknown in the save editor. please help. Description: PS4 Modded Save on the PS5 version of the game. A little fix for those who try to get the customization keys on the save editor (version 1.18): Do not do this and if you have you should remove them, after you have removed them using the save editor, download the mod that allows you to complete the 2nd parallel quest to get all the customization keys, or you can try to reearn them online.