Adobe InDesign 7.0 /wDkxHiqA83R3DT27Qw6hIqoeTWEwiQb/t1jffFWOcbv/ln1z/pLX/qhiruN3/yz65/0lr/1QxV3 We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 However, you may sometimes be Kohler Ladena Vs. Caxton Sink: Which One To Pick? n/VXFXfov8t/57f/AKSpP+quKu/Rf5b/AM9v/wBJUn/VXFXfov8ALf8Ant/+kqT/AKq4q79F/lv/ db/8i1/pirv8N6B/1brf/kWv9MVd/hvQP+rdb/8AItf6Yq7/AA3oH/Vut/8AkWv9MVd/hvQP+rdb If the mold grows behind the tiles, it can be impossible to remove without breaking the tile. saved Adobe InDesign 7.0 4BTawTyMrqoLcmm7k4qyHFXYqkV/GW1G4RXZGliQ1T7Q6r8PvtiqBW01D6yZEuiHeP02mEFWFCTT FUSION PRO SINGLE COMPONENT GROUT FEATURES / PERFORMANCE Question: Is Fusion Pro Grout really Stain-Proof and Color Perfect? 0000135931 00000 n 7m/5rxVO9M17QXs0bVpdPjuqnmsC/BSvw05cu2Kov9OeT/8Af9p/wI/5pxV36c8n/wC/7T/gR/zT This towel must be dumped. Do bear in mind that sealing grout actually increases drying time. hvv+BGKu/wAT6j/1Yb7/AIEYqyLFUl13/jqeXP8AtpSf907UsVd5M/5Q/Qf+2bZ/8mI8VQ/m7RrS Adding a sealer after the grout fully cures adds durability, improving both the functionality and appearance. 4jjjBZ3Y0AA6knFUv/xJoH/Vxt/+Ri/1xV3+JNA/6uNv/wAjF/rirv8AEmgf9XG3/wCRi/1xV3+J If you follow the step-by-step rules, hopefully, you will never face these issues. Adobe InDesign 7.0 Fusion Pro can be installed in commercial and residential environments, interiors and exteriors, and on walls and floors and specifically shower floors. Fusion Pro grout is ready-to-use right from the bucket with no mixing and no waste. Never use more water in the joint between tiles. /;/metadata /VLFXfV/P/8Ay1ad90n/AFSxVO9MXUks0XVnikuqnm0FeFK/DTkF7YqgNd/46nlz/tpSf907UsVd TtSxV3kz/lD9B/7Ztn/yYjxVOsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirA5NT1a/82arpq6nqdnbW9zb21qLCxjn 0000037381 00000 n 0000017825 00000 n oP8A2zbP/kxHiqn5p0fT720a+uoUlmtUpH6sxgjozCvJ+SgYqwn6jYf8sWnf9xNf+q2Ku+o2H/LF iPFW/MOhWmrQGZrRLu8hXjAskkkabkVB9N1xVi/+Eb//AKslj/0k3H/VbFXf4Rv/APqyWP8A0k3H PDF/X-1:2001 Use to fill joint widths 1/16 in. 2012-06-25T14:21:50-07:00 White Dry Non-Sanded Grout: Mist occasionally with clean, cool water for three days. /;/metadata rv8AF1//ANXux/6Rrj/qjirv8XX/AP1e7H/pGuP+qOKpnpXnTT445BrGqQzSFh6ZggnUBab1rEMV /wDkxHiqzzNc6zYwi+sbm2tbSFR67XCux5MwVeIijkPfFWL/AOMNW/6vGnf8iLn/ALJcVd/jDVv+ Thats why you may not be familiar with this grout. Fusion Pro cures by evaporation so any covering may increase the time needed to cure and the use of non-breathable coverings may halt the curing process. saved For these reasons, manufacturers may advise up to 7 days for the grout to cure completely. 0000031919 00000 n 2012-04-16T08:08:58-07:00 q4Q/ef6Yq7/Ffl3/AKuEP3n+mKu/xX5d/wCrhD95/pirv8V+Xf8Aq4Q/ef6Yq7/Ffl3/AKuEP3n+ saved 0000011668 00000 n If youre grouting the kitchen, plan how you will make or buy your meals. V3G7/wCWfXP+ktf+qGKu43f/ACz65/0lr/1QxVwS7JoLfXCT/wAva/8AVDFVT6rqP/LHr3/SSP8A When hes not testing the latest home products, hes spending time with his family, cooking, and doing house projects. saved 0 Fusion Pro can be installed in commercial and residential environments, interiors and exteriors, and on walls and floors and specifically shower floors. Under normal conditions, 75F (24C), tiles may be grouted within 24 hours, full cure takes at least 48-72 hours depending on conditions. Epoxy grouts tend to yellow over time, and start out with an amber color due to the A&B liquid parts of the mixture. /wCklf8Aqrirv8Z63/Lpn/SSv/VXFXf4z1v+XTP+klf+quKu/wAZ63/Lpn/SSv8A1VxV3+M9b/l0 /;/metadata eiT6hJHKq2sIDoLC/k4uBHuOSKaHuBiqbeTP+UP0H/tm2f8AyYjxVOsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsV You need more pressure to remove. EBAQEBAUEQ8RERERDxERFxoaGhcRHyEhISEfKy0tLSsyMjIyMjIyMjIyAQsJCQ4MDh8XFx8rIx0j Adobe InDesign 7.0 Fusion Pro cures by evaporation, so any covering may increase the time needed to cure and the use of non-breathable coverings may halt the curing process and weaken the grout. ZJF5stviPmQ1Hb0S/wCDx0w8Mu9plnwHlj+16JbyNLBHI4ozqCwG1CRuMscIqmKpLrv/AB1PLn/b jbVde0761VufK6tkNKnj8Mczr098VUNZ82eVZdR0B4ta090g1CSSVluoSEQ2F/HyciTYcnUVPcjF +q6d/wAsuk/9J03/AFXxV31XTv8All0n/pOm/wCq+Ku+q6d/yy6T/wBJ03/VfFXfVdO/5ZdJ/wCk Adobe InDesign 7.0 /VbFXf4Rv/8AqyWP/STcf9VsVd/hG/8A+rJY/wDSTcf9VsVd/hG//wCrJY/9JNx/1WxV3+Eb/wD6 What do you know about it? /vxP+CGKu9eD/fif8EMVd68H+/E/4IYq714P9+J/wQxV3rwf78T/AIIYquWRHrwYNTrQ1xVdirsV If outside, protect the grout from external elements like rain, snow, and humidity. Here are a couple of examples of popular cementitious grouts: Polyblend Plus, Starlike Crystal. o7PDKCnT4/OElKS0xNTk9GV1hZWltcXV5fVGVmZ2hpamtsbW5vZHV2d3h5ent8fX5/c4SFhoeIiY AM0Yq717L/qVIf8ApJX/AJoxV3r2X/UqQ/8ASSv/ADRirvXsv+pUh/6SV/5oxV3r2X/UqQ/9JK/8 La1/1ZtL/wCDn/7KMVd/hbWv+rNpf/Bz/wDZRirv8La1/wBWbS/+Dn/7KMVd/hbWv+rNpf8Awc// Single Component Grout Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color perfect grout. 2012-06-25T14:53:31-07:00 HWnF}WDrE=`X~RE%ZME"Yr]f&Bo}x/ P^%K +jXt#|;PqJl;5;]ez#V+)> >7] /metadata xmp.iid:8D902F75112068118A6DFD4A9B9964ED However, there are several factors that could affect the actual time required. /metadata saved xmp.iid:9669E6BB112068118A6DFD4A9B9964ED /VLFXf4M1v8Am0z/AKRl/wCqWKu/wZrf82mf9Iy/9UsVd/gzW/5tM/6Rl/6pYq7/AAZrf82mf9Iy pIj/AOqmKp3pk1/PZpJqduLW5JPKJWDgAHb4lJG4xVAa7/x1PLn/AG0pP+6dqWKu8mf8ofoP/bNs 09rFbvIpdViQL8csfQKfxxVKotR8weZPLl750sdafSbZVuJdOtVhhaIQ2rSJyujLG7lpPSNaMAvv Turn on the air conditioner or a dehumidifier to keep the air dry. I was worried about not having enough working time to clean the grout after application, but I set a clock in the room and after about 5 minutes would start sponge-cleaning the tiles that I had . aMVd68H/AFKlp/0kwf8ANGKo3S49KvLhotQ0Gz0+IIWEpmhlqwKjhxVR2JOKpr+ifKX/ACz2P3R4 If its a big job, make alternative accommodation arrangements. nalirvJn/KH6D/2zbP8A5MR4qp+Yb3yxazQrr0SSSMpMReIyUWu+4U03xVKP0x+XX/LPD/0jN/zR It is somewhat similar to epoxy grouts. L7/gD/zTirv8az/9WS+/4A/804q7/Gs//Vkvv+AP/NOKu/xrP/1ZL7/gD/zTirv8az/9WS+/4A/8 saved You will find pinholes after drying the grout properly, and you will find where the four tiles are joined. xmp.iid:39FA1574072068118C1483DFCB52BE94 NeKqkHmW+tmL21ro8LMKExzRqSPD4ZBiqv8A4z1v+XTP+klf+quKu/xnrf8ALpn/AEkr/wBVcVd/ rjon/SNb/wDNOKu/Q5/6uOif9I1v/wA04q79Dn/q46J/0jW//NOKu/Q5/wCrjon/AEjW/wDzTirv Heres a look at a few common types of grout: Cementitious grout: The average drying time for cementitious grout is 72 hours. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. While cleaning the extra grout, turn your sponge into a circular movement. 1. ~[~>qGpkx9 .e`` $" endstream endobj 189 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[6 138]/Length 27/Size 144/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream xmp.iid:387F97771C2068118A6D90E90D29B010 Required fields are marked *. xHiqXed0gj+qXtyW4w80jCx8wXl4puwNRStdgfwyrUQM8UgOobdPMQyRJ6Fjpis7pkt0lFyJwlPR You can apply it without mixing anything like water. 143 0 obj <> endobj xref 143 49 0000000016 00000 n As an Amazon Associate, Prudent Reviews earns fees when you click on links within our articles and make qualifying purchases. O5/6q4q7/CWr/wDVr0n/AIO5/wCquKu/wlq//Vr0n/g7n/qrirv8Jav/ANWvSf8Ag7n/AKq4q7/C Tpv+q+Ku+q6d/wAsuk/9J03/AFXxV31XTv8All0n/pOm/wCq+Ku+q6d/yy6T/wBJ03/VfFXfVdO/ +szfyw+vcWyhYkaYQoQzqG5OxUDr44qwr9Er/wBW23/7iMP/AFVxV36JX/q22/8A3EYf+quKu/RK Question: How will temperature and humidity impact curing time . mvFXfpyb/lg0T/kZF/zXirv05N/ywaJ/yMi/5rxV36cm/wCWDRP+Di/5rxV36cm/5YNE/wCRkX/N 6b/qvirvqunf8suk/wDSdN/1XxV31XTv+WXSf+k6b/qvirvqunf8suk/9J03/VfFXfVdO/5ZdJ/6 xmp.iid:CC60771C1F2068118C14BF694E5E7CF0 AAAAAAABAAIDBAUGBwgJCgsQAAIBAwMCBAIGBwMEAgYCcwECAxEEAAUhEjFBUQYTYSJxgRQykaEH /;/metadata R/8Ajjyv/wAt3/JKb/qlirv8ceV/+W7/AJJTf9UsVd/jjyv/AMt3/JKb/qlirv8AHHlf/lu/5JTf VdiqS67/AMdTy5/20pP+6dqWKu8mf8ofoP8A2zbP/kxHiqD81and2Fxbpbag9iHQkqlstxyIPWrD This professional grade sanded grout features unsurpassed stain resistance with no sealing required. Fusion Pro's state-of-the-art technology gives end-users the time . AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4AE0Fkb2JlAGSAAAAAAQUAAgAD/9sAhAAKBwcHBwcKBwcKDgkJCQ4RDAsLDBEU Clean the sponge and repeat it before the tiles clean properly. 1pcsb7Mj3duyn5gyYqhrXXPy9spPVttV0qOTs/1uAsKinwlpTT6MVRn+M/J//V+03/pMg/6qYq7/ Moen Genta Vs. Genta LX Bathroom Faucets: Which One To Pick? 2012-03-29T09:28:58-07:00 ABFqn/V9m/7hyf0xV3+ItU/6vs3/AHDk/pirv8Rap/1fZv8AuHJ/TFXf4i1T/q+zf9w5P6Yq7/EW After grouting, allow the entire tile assembly to cure for seven (7) days before running water in the shower. Fusion Pro grout is a stain resistant grout. Its patented formulation can be applied on all tiles and has built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. /UoJ/wBJA/6p4q79z/1KCf8ASQP+qeKpjo+naRqDSi/0GHThGFKF5A/Ota9l6UxVNP8ADnlb/ljt iqlrHnfWobrQbuzTjCmlDXNdsFUFjaytBEeBZeVYi7t1FeO+Ksl8t6vNrOpa5cx3QutMint4bDgF From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom. d7/1YIf+kxv+a8VZj5es5LDSorWW2WzZS5MKuZAKsT9sk9cVUNd/46nlz/tpSf8AdO1LFXeTP+UP 5. saved Thats why taking more time is highly advisable and definitely much safer. Fusion Pro Single Component Grout Shower Installation Tips Spread grout for 1-4 minutes at a time. VXFXfov8t/57f/pKk/6q4q79F/lv/Pb/APSVJ/1VxV36L/Lf+e3/AOkqT/qrirv0X+W/89v/ANJU 0000048360 00000 n xmp.iid:F924071C122068118C148FF3BA709A30 0000025793 00000 n If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. 256 rJMVdirsVdirsVSXXf8AjqeXP+2lJ/3TtSxV3kz/AJQ/Qf8Atm2f/JiPFVnmXQ4tSh+t+nPPcW68 Single Component Grout Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color perfect grout. to 1/2 in. But for thinner gaps, unsanded grout is more feasible. 0000001697 00000 n Do I need to seal Fusion Pro grout? 2012-01-11T10:49-08:00 For inside projects, most types of grout require 72 hours for the grout to cure. Fusion Pro #544 Rolling Fog 1 qt. xmp.iid:647BB7DE142068118C14D22FE257B684 After installing, you will want to clean off the extra grout from the tiles or walls. The thermosetting resin material of furan grout is resilient to strong chemicals and high temperatures. TEeKoXzRw9eDnoq6v8B+NpBHw3+zurdcVSP9z/1KCf8ASQP+qeKu/c/9Sgn/AEkD/qnirv3P/UoJ xmp.iid:F97F117407206811AB08C344DA1CB6C2 Crack and crumble: Not letting grout dry properly increases the chances of the grout cracking and crumbling. irv0f5z/AOrtb/8AIgf0xV36P85/9Xa3/wCRA/pira2HnEMC2q25WoqPQG4+7FWQ4q7FXYq7FUl1 Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color perfect grout. If youre unsure what kind of grout you have, the packaging will explain all the necessary instructions, including how long it should be left to cure. saved 0000048321 00000 n Fusion Pro's state-of-the-art technology gives end-users the time to clean up common household liquids like coffee and oil before they become permanent stains. Ty5/20pP+6dqWKpT5T82eVbbyrotvca1p8M0On2sckcl1Cro6wxqysrSAggjcYqmc3mzyVcRtDca They are sold at various stores like Home Depot, Wayfair, Walmart, eBay, and even Amazon. /wBWT/p6T/qnirv8Zar/ANWT/p6T/qnirv8AGWq/9WT/AKek/wCqeKu/xlqv/Vk/6ek/6p4q7/GW Single Component Grout Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color Fusion Pro the original stain proof, color perfect grout. hbbbd`b``3ln0 ; endstream endobj 144 0 obj <>/Metadata 4 0 R/Pages 3 0 R/StructTreeRoot 6 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 145 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 146 0 obj <> endobj 147 0 obj <> endobj 148 0 obj <> endobj 149 0 obj <>stream s9j90eKu/RPlL/lnsfujxV36J8pf8s9j90eKu/RPlL/lnsfujxV36J8pf8s9j90eKu/RPlL/AJZ7 For curing, leave it for 24 hours in temperatures above 50F. Therefore, it is also money wasting. Sanded vs. unsanded grout: When using cementitious grout, youll face two options: sanded and unsanded. Adobe InDesign 7.0 Epoxy resin is durable since it can withstand grease, acid, and other harsh chemicals. Use to fill joint widths 1/16 in. gUvbwSSGa4e0nCnnJU8mFBiqZ2Ov3LW3mrVbmUtaaTdXEVsvFQES0t42loQtWrLz61xVJp9Y8xHR endstream endobj 88 0 obj <. So, you have to choose the appropriate tiles. o7PDKCnT4/OElKS0xNTk9GV1hZWltcXV5fVGVmZ2hpamtsbW5vZHV2d3h5ent8fX5/c4SFhoeIiY GvLj88TU5PRldYWVpbXF1eX1ZnaGlqa2xtbm9jdHV2d3h5ent8fX5/c4SFhoeIiYqLjI2Oj4KTlJ feMVSfXf+Op5c/7aUn/dO1LFXeTP+UP0H/tm2f8AyYjxV3mLQbbVrczfVY7q9hXjbiV5ETciob0p G0ZQirQLxVzRY2H2/iXgighgOlN9sVR8DaqzVnSJFAJ4gGrH4qCoc8abV2OKodJvMJml9SCAQ/u/ 2012-01-12T13:20:51-08:00 Its patented formulation can be applied on all tiles and has built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. TawTyMrqoLcmm7k4qyHFXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYqkuu/8AHU8uf9tKT/unalirvJn/ACh+g/8AbNs/ R3dz6QkcsD9XYPHsxAowLYqhdd/46nlz/tpSf907UsVd5M/5Q/Qf+2bZ/wDJiPFUXrVlPqGmTWdt xmp.iid:8A157E5B2A2068118C14FB79E66FC0D5 /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 Continue with Recommended Cookies. xmp.iid:A981C2B642206811871FC4D80EF7909A Make plans, so youre not rushing to use the newly-grouted area. (With 20 Examples), How to Fix a Cracked or Chipped Porcelain Sink (8 Easy Steps), How to Make a Shower Floor Less Slippery: 4 Simple Methods, The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist (Printable), How to Remove Candle Wax From Wood (4 Easy Methods), The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist (Printable), How to Fix a Weak Flushing Toilet (8 Simple Solutions), Average Cast Iron Bathtub Weight (With 15 Examples), How to Make Tile Floor Less Slippery: 6 Methods. xmp.iid:EB6B29640B2068118C14BCE252D3DE93 Opinion on Fusion Pro versus Flexcolor CQ We are currently installing porcelain tile floors that look like hardwood. Custom Building Products Fusion Pro #544 Rolling Fog 1 Gal. View the full instructions. FBPj8IGKquKuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVJdd/wCOp5c/7aUn/dO1LFXeTP8AlD9B/wC2bZ/8mI8VQ/ma p4q7/Bnk/wD6sOm/9IcH/VPFXf4M8n/9WHTf+kOD/qnirv8ABnk//qw6b/0hwf8AVPFXf4M8n/8A Meal prep in advance so that you dont have to cook. It will not be suitable to dry the tiles surface grout. Adobe InDesign 7.0 HRPLVzdXF/FaXtl9Z1TUNNtY55xK0cUkaughkEcdGarCM9AMVTZNZnFz5UsrHUH1CHVjcXMt28aK uIxVptNhaUTOOTr0JLdPlWmG0UqSWokXgxoPao6fIjG1pZbadBbTGdPtkU6fr74EovFXYqkuu/8A Covering Fusion Pro immediately after grouting will extend the cure time. 4e6KzNyKs4VeKnivwhUAFanxOKp1irsVdirsVdirsVdirsVSXXf+Op5c/wC2lJ/3TtSxV3kz/lD9 The drying time is similar between sanded and unsanded grout, typically 72 hours, but you should wait even longer before exposing it to moisture. Gn3FukC2BDoSfrwPLY/sUYbYqkP+JL/+TQ/ub/mvFXf4kv8A+TQ/ub/mvFXf4kv/AOTQ/ub/AJrx 2012-01-17T12:25:35-08:00 Answer: Yes. j/6o4q79AX3/AFY77/uIR/8AVHFXfoC+/wCrHff9xCP/AKo4q79AX3/Vjvv+4hH/ANUcVd+gL7/q The best thing you can do is wait longer than the recommended drying time thats listed on the manufacturers label. xV31fz//AMtWnfdJ/wBUsVd9X8//APLVp33Sf9UsVd9X8/8A/LVp33Sf9UsVd9X8/wD/AC1ad90n Xrv/AB1PLn/bSk/7p2pYq7yZ/wAofoP/AGzbP/kxHiqH8zaNe6pPBJa2lndCNCrG7MoYEmtF9J12 Some recommend 24 hours of drying time, while others recommend up to 10 days. rFbvIpdViQL8csfQKfxxVKotR8weZPLl750sdafSbZVuJdOtVhhaIQ2rSJyujLG7lpPSNaMAvviq Grout often takes longer to dry in tropical climates like Florida than in desert climates like Las Vegas. AKsOm/8ASHB/1TxV3+DPJ/8A1YdN/wCkOD/qnirv8GeT/wDqw6b/ANIcH/VPFXf4M8n/APVh03/p So, before applying it, you should manage all necessary tools. XVteQi4tJVmiaoDoeSmhodxiqtirsVdirsVdiqS67/x1PLn/AG0pP+6dqWKu8mf8ofoP/bNs/wDk Use to fill joint widths 1/16 in. /;/metadata Your email address will not be published. Adobe InDesign 7.0 PDF/X-1:2001 All content on is intended for informational purposes only. qmKu/wAJ6n/1YP8Ap8T/AKqYq7/Cep/9WD/p8T/qpirv8J6n/wBWD/p8T/qpirv8J6n/ANWD/p8T It is applicable both inside and outside your home. 2012-05-11T16:11:53-07:00 saved LS4LCOPRipswW4FHLrUk8viZmPXFUHrv/HU8uf8AbSk/7p2pYq7yZ/yh+g/9s2z/AOTEeKteZLSw saved saved The applying process of the Fusion Pro grout is easy, but after applying it, the cleaning process is complicated. /wCrjon/AEjW/wDzTirv0Of+rjon/SNb/wDNOKu/Q5/6uOif9I1v/wA04q79Dn/q46J/0jW//NOK +Rl1/wBVMVdws/8Afeh/8jLr/qpiruFn/vvQ/wDkZdf9VMVdws/996H/AMjLr/qpiqvaWC38621n All varieties may not be favorable for your Fusion grout. 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A few days of inconvenience outweighs the risk of damaging the grout by walking on it or exposing it to moisture too soon. irvr1j/y0xf8Gv8AXFXfXrH/AJaYv+DX+uKu+vWP/LTF/wAGv9cVd9esf+WmL/g1/rirvr1j/wAt For the final cleaning up, you should use a microfiber towel. /;/metadata cXGi6fNNNp9rJJJJaws7u0MbMzM0ZJJJ3OKpt/gzyf8A9WHTf+kOD/qnirv8GeT/APqw6b/0hwf9 saved Sanded grout is more resistant to cracking and shrinking. 2012-01-17T12:25:09-08:00 xmp.did:F77F117407206811AB08C344DA1CB6C2 AOTEeKpd53SCP6pe3JbjDzSMLHzBeXim7A1FK12B/DKtRAzxSA6ht08xDJEnoWOmKzumS3SUXInC q714P9+J/wAEMVd68H+/E/4IYqvVlYclIYeI3xVJtd/46nlz/tpSf907UsVd5M/5Q/Qf+2bZ/wDJ Adobe InDesign 7.0 /;/metadata /NOKu/Q5/wCrjon/AEjW/wDzTiq+HQZ7hxFBe6NK56IlpbsTT2C4qif8I6t/vzTP+kGL/qnirv8A Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-01-12T10:59:04-08:00 saved xmp.iid:FE7F1174072068118C14D22FE257B684 Single Component Grout . 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In the list below, youll find the actual drying time and instructions for five popular grout brands: SimpleGrout PreMixed Grout: Let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours. 1 2012-05-04T16:33:12-07:00 So, using the Fusion Pro grout is a waste of time and money also. 1hvYBHAixIDMhPFAFG/LwGKoyGaG4QSwSLKh6OhDKae4xVKdd/46nlz/ALaUn/dO1LFXeTP+UP0H Factors That Impact the Drying Times of Grout, What Happens if Grout Doesnt Dry Properly, How Long Does Primer Take to Dry? wufWmILBfTkXYdd3RRiqa4q7FXYqkuu/8dTy5/20pP8AunalirvJn/KH6D/2zbP/AJMR4qg/NWqX M0/rirvRj/6t3/czT+uKu9GP/q3f9zNP64q70Y/+rd/3M0/rirvRj/6t3/czT+uKu9GP/q3f9zNP Adobe InDesign 7.0 Fusion Pro _FAQ_8_12.indd 9qfUf+RP9uKu/wAZ/wDan1H/AJE/24q7/Gf/AGp9R/5E/wBuKrovOHqypH+idQXmwXk0VAKmlTvi After some months or years, your floor or wall tiles will be damaged.