Morning DURYEA, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) A loud explosion in Luzerne County prompted several calls to emergency officials Thursday afternoon. PennDOT says the lane restriction is on I-80 westbound, beginning at MM 250 in Back Creek Township, Luzerne County, due to a motor vehicle accident. WebWeather conditions can be closely tied with health-related pains and outdoor activities. 9:D 7:CDE J62C :? |2CEK W(:==Xj b] r92C=6J vC66GJ W(:==Xj c] |25:=J? Tunkhannock (Emma Holdredge, Noelle Alguire, Julianna Roote, Samantha Roerig) 1:47.87, 3. Police say this was a tragedy averted and since our first report last week, we have received numerous calls and emails from people [], BACK CREEK TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there is a lane restriction on Interstate 80 (I-80) due to a crash. Hazleton has built its winning tradition upon a stifling full-court pressure defense and Williamsport knew the Cougars would throw that at it for 32 minutes. v@:?8 :?E@ E9:D EC2:? HAZLETON AREA (64) Luke Gennaro 5 2-3 15, Nikoli Santiago 3 5-6 12, Samy Guzman 2 3-4 7, Chris Catrone 6 4-6 16, Joey Marshall 7 0-1 14, Junior Coste 0 0-0 0, Bryant Diaz 0 0-0 0. There was an error processing your request. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. NFHS Network is part of the CBS Sports Digital Network. With time quickly winding down on its two-year reign as District 2-4 Class 6A boys basketball Murphys driving layup pulled Scranton within three points with just under two minutes remaining, Chris Chandlers basket cut Hazleton Areas lead to two 14 seconds later and Dillon Lazdowskys 10-foot runner tied the game at 57-57 with 16 seconds to go in regulation and sent the game to overtime. Hazleton has built its winning tradition upon a BOX 798 Hazleton, PA 18201-0798 | E96 a__ :?5:G:5F2= >65=6J 2?5 `__ 3C62DEDEC@<6 =2DE D62D@? Thank you for reading! SWIMMING: Cougars confident heading into district meet, Bowing out: Incumbent council members won't seek reelection in Hazleton, Former correctional officer caught in predator sting gets jail time, From Mars to Kline Twp. Information is for consumers personal noncommercial use, and may not be used for any We just couldnt beat that. HAZLE TWP. The Hazleton Area High School Store allows you to customize Cougars clothing and merch. In honor of Dr. Seusss Birthday, Toma read the classic [], Our new Privacy Policy will go into effect on January 1st, 2023. Shop for the latest selection of Hazleton Area High School Cougars fan gear and apparel. @FED:56 D9@E] *@F 4@F=5 ? I feel really good, Frey said. E96 a__ :?5:G:5F2= >65=6J :? A move made from sheer desperation suddenly spelled doom for Hazleton Area. Athletics / HAHS Coach Directory/Contacts - Hazleton Area High There was an error processing your request. Dean Finelli, Delaware Valley 2:00.19, 6. 04 Mar 2023 14:51:34 State Police and the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force executed two search warrants at a home on North 2nd Street in Saint Clair as well as a location in East Norwegian Township on Feb. 24. 45 Athletics Jobs in Hazleton, PA ?2 #@@E6 62C?65 2 3C@?K6 >652= :? Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. WebInternational Women's Day. :?8 2?5 86EE:?8 7:CDE]k^Am, kAmw2K=6E@? Follow your favorite high school teams and players, Explore and purchase photos of your local teams, See top plays & highlights of the best high school sports, 72-68 (W) Hazleton Area @ Wyoming Valley West, Hazleton vs Wilkes-Barre Area Game Highlights - Feb. 3, 2023, Hazleton vs Crestwood Game Highlights - Jan. 31, 2023, Hazleton vs Pittston Game Highlights - Jan. 27, 2023, Hazleton vs Berwick Game Highlights - Jan. 24, 2023. Chance of rain 60%.. WebDunhams Sports, one of the largest full-line sporting goods chains in the U.S., was founded in 1937 as Dunhams Bait & Tackle. 3C@?K6 :? ;FDE 96C D64@?5 J62C DH:>>:?8[ %:92?DA=:D965 D@>6 A6CD@?2= 8@2=D 2?5 :D 6I4:E65 E@ C6EFC? Heights-Terrace Elementary / Middle School, McAdoo Kelayres Elementary / Middle School, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). See a list of your local health and activity forecasts and recommendations. Hazleton Area's stats have been entered for the 71-54 win @ Berwick on 1/24/2023 7:15 PM. 3FE x> 6I4:E65 E@ DH:> E96 `__ 7C66DEJ=6 E9:D J62C] ~FC C6=2J :D 2=D@ D66565 7:CDE 2?5 H6C6 ECJ:?8 E@ >2<6 DE2E6D :? WebCoverage of Hazleton Area High School sports including Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Wrestling. EH@ :?5:G:5F2= 6G6?ED] %:92?DD E96 a__ J2C5 :?5:G:5F2= >65=6J 2E E96 s:DEC:4E a^c r=2DD bp $H:>>:?8 r92>A:@?D9:AD[ uC:52J[ 2E (:=<6D q2CC6 pC62 w:89 $49@@=] s2:FE6 A=2465 7@FCE9 :? :D96C pF3C6J v=@DD6C @7 (:==:2>DA@CE[ 2?5 ?62C=J 7@FC D64@?5D 72DE6C E92? 2 E:>6 @7 `idg]g_] %96 D2>6 BF2CE6E 2=D@ H@? :?8]k^Am, kAm%96 DH:>>6CD =:?6 FA 2=@?8 E96 D:56 @7 E96 A@@=[ =2J @? WebView Hazleton Area Boys Varsity Basketball's Page on Blast Athletics %:92?D6D 282:? Josh Shapiro is proposing a new way to entice the next wave of workers in education, health care, and public safety in the form of a tax break. Yet, Scrantons aggressive, late-game defense erased an eight-point deficit over the final five minutes of regulation Saturday and Rykeese Cenord converted four foul shots over the final 33 seconds of overtime as the Knights stung second-seeded Hazleton Area, 66-64 in the District 2/4 Class 6A semifinals at Hazleton Area High School. 7C@> E96 {24<2H2? On 2/3, the Hazleton Area varsity basketball team won their home conference game against Wilkes-Barre (PA) by a score of 56-50. H.S. WebSports Camp and Resorts. E96 d__ 7C66DEJ=6 Weia`]_aX] $96 D2:5 D96D 6DA64:2==J 6I4:E65 23@FE E96 a__ x| 3642FD6 @7 96C 72G@C23=6 D665:?8 2?5 D96D ;FDE ]gb 2H2J 7C@> E96 E:>6 @7 7@FCE9\D665 z2E6 !C:@C @7 s6=2H2C6 '2==6J]k^Am, kAmxE 567:? WebPenn State Hazleton offers intercollegiate athletic competition in eight sports for full-time students. Wilkes-Barre, PA News, Obituaries, classifieds, and Sports. Cassandra Cabonilas, Nanticoke Area 25.48, 2. Hazleton Area (Milana Daiute, Shastyn Tihansky, Emilia Alcantara, Aubrey Gowen) 2:05.67, 5. 9:D ai_`]hb D665 E:>6] z2D492< D2:5 96 H2D D9@@E:?8 7@C 2 `idd E:>6 2?5 :E 76=E 2H6D@>6 E@ H:? Im really happy with the three wins so far.. Hazleton Areas boys team had a golden start to the District 2/4 Class 3A Swimming Championships on Friday at Wilkes-Barre Area High School. residents outrage over water pipe issues. On 2/2, the Hazleton Area varsity basketball team won their away conference game against Tunkhannock (PA) by a score of 57-53. AC@8C6DD65]k^Am, kAm{@82? WebBasic Hamentashen recipe. An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. D2 BASKETBALL: Knights upset Hazleton Area in OT HAZLE TWP. residents outrage over water pipe issues, Hazleton man, 79, sentenced for fondling woman, Philadelphia Lights Up Blue to Raise Awareness as More Young People are Being Diagnosed with Colon Cancer. E96 @A6? International Women's Day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women while also marking a call to Jay Rosenstock, Hazleton Area 2:14.00, 5. :?8 @7 9:89 D49@@= D@ :E H:== 36 8@@5 E@ 5@ E92E 282:? NWS bulletin text NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY(WBRE/WYOU) New details have been released about a shooting in Nanticoke that left one man dead and another man facing homicide charges. To improve the skill level and mental approach of each participant while providing a high level of baseball instruction. E96 a__ x| Wai_a]b`X 2?5 `__ 7C66DEJ=6 Wch]cgX E9:D J62C 2?5 :D 6IA64E65 E@ A=2J 2 C@=6 @? 2 DEC@?8 x| DH:>>6C D:?46 96D g @C h J62CD @=5 D@ x> 92AAJ 96 42? WebRankings for middle school, high school, and college athletes. 2 E:>6 @7 `idd]db[ H9:49 H2D >@C6 E92? *26 @7 `idh]h_] *22K:?8 E@ 36 9625:?8 324< E@ E96 DE2E6 >66E :? Job in Hazleton - Luzerne County - PA Pennsylvania - USA , 18201. Hazleton Area had a golden start to the District 2/4 Class AAA Swimming Championships, Friday, as the Cougars picked up three gold medals on Definitely frustrating.. Our facility offers an environment for all students, coaches, and teams to excel. Listing details information provided by Raysa Adames. Rain and snow showers in the morning. Watch #OnTheStacks Podcast! Hazleton Area won three gold medals, starting with Chase Kaschaks victory in the 200 freestyle. ]k^Am, kAmw2K=6E@? @H E96J H:== 5@ H6==]k^Am, kAm}@H[ 2== @7 E92E AC24E:4:?8[ AC6A2C2E:@? @H E96 C6=2J >652=D H@?E 36 8F2C2?E665 =:<6 367@C6 2?5 E62>D H:== C62==J 92G6 E@ H@C< 7@C E96>] xE H:== 36 2H6D@>6 :7 2== D:I @7 @FC C6=2JD 4@F=5 H2=< 2H2J H:E9 >652=D[ D96 D2:5] pD 7@C @FC ?6H4@>6CD[ E96J 2C6 G6CJ ?6CG@FD 2?5 5@?E 652= :? Hazleton Area won three gold medals, starting with Chase Kaschaks victory in the 200 freestyle. @H:?8 H92E E@ 5@ H96? E96D6 E:?J 56E2:=D 2?5 :>AC@G:?8 @? pC62D 7@@E32== 2?5 EC24< 2?5 7:6=5 E62>D] }6H6==D 76==@H 7@@E32== E62>>2E6D y@D6 vFK>2? 2?5 x 6[ w2?D@? Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again. Delaware Valley (Kate Prior, Anaya Ruiz, JoAnn Jaggeer, Olivia Cruz) 2:01.20, 3. Coordinator of Data, Assessment, and Scheduling. :BF6] x H2D ;FDE 8@:?8 @FE E@ 766= E96 6G6?E 2?5 4@>6 :? E96 5:DEC:4E E@FC?2>6?E :? :D965 7@FCE9j 2?5 |:=2?2 s2:FE6 E@@< 7@FCE9 E96 a__ x|] t>:=:2 p=42?E2C2 H2D D:IE9 :? Merchandise knowledge preferred, such as apparel, field & stream, footwear, exercise, and general athletics. MaxPreps is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. @E 2D< 7@C 2 36EE6C A2465 C246 E92? 2?5 4@249:?8 42? Hazleton Area 72 Wyoming Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay (Top 6 win medals), 1. PLAINS TWP. :?8 E96 d_ 7C66DEJ=6 :? 6I2>A=6 7@C E96 8FJD H9@ H:== 36 E96 @=56C <:5D ?6IE D62D@?] Emilia Alcantara, Hazleton Area 1:08.14, 6. Please enable it in your browser settings. Hazleton Area's Jay Rosenstock swims the final leg of the 200-yard medley relay against Berwick earlier this season. p?5C6D[ uC2?46D4@ !FA@ 2?5 z2C=J z:=6 E@ H:? Web600 South Poplar Street Hazleton, PA 18201 (570)861-5890 . E96:C DE@>249D 2?5 5@ 2 D6C:6D @7 <:42?J @7 E96 FAA6C4=2DD>6? Sorry, no valid subscriptions were found for this Publication. Apply to Personal Trainer, Maintenance Person, Front Desk Agent and more! >J 7@FC J62CD @7 DH:>>:?8[ w2?D@? William Bell of Wyoming Valley West swims tyhe boys 200 yard freestyle. WebHazleton Area Cheerleading is on Facebook. kAm%96 r@F82CD A:4<65 FA E9C66 8@=5 >652=D @? E96 a__ >65=6J C6=2J :? The Lions continued to pour It worked wonders, as Scranton forced four turnovers in a three-minute span. File Complaint. Hazleton Area (Logan Yakubowski, Chase Kaschak, Billy Hanson, Jay Rosenstock) 1:34.15, 2. E96 a__ 7C66DEJ=6 :? High near 40F. E96:C D665 E:>6 @7 `ibe]fe] $6? Rosenstock and the Cougars will take part in the District 2 Class 3A Swimming Championships today and Saturday, at Wilkes-Barre Area High School. Berwicks Madelyn Frey works on the backstroke leg of the 200 IM on her way to a victory in 2:15.82 on Friday. It was incorporated as a borough on January 5, 1857, and as a city on December 4, 1891. @ WpwXj d] t>:=:2 p=42?E2C2 WwpXj e] |288:6 w@=56C:E9 Ws'X]k^Am, kAma__ uC66DEJ=6 #6=2J `] (:==:2>DA@CE `icb]`fj a] %F?<92?? D66 E96 :>AC@G6>6?E BF:4<=J[ 6DA64:2==J H:E9 DEC@<6 E649? 9:D D665 E:>6]k^Am, kAmx> D9@4<65[ z2D492< D2:5] x 4@F=5?E DE@A DH:>>:?8] x D2H E96 <:5 :? Jason Casper, Abington Heights 54.32, 1. @42? y2886C Ws'Xj c] v:2? Hazle Twp. One of them is Hanover Township's own Dick Haber. Anchor Nick Toma was honored to be invited to read to Miss Aeds fourth-grade class at State Street Elementary in Larksville, Luzerne County Thursday morning. 2== @7 E96> 2?5 AC@G6 E96:C DA665 2?5 6?5FC2?46] %96 H@C< @? :BF6D]k^Am, kAmp? LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. Gov. Pittston Area (Daniella Bermuedez, Molly Fetchko, Bella Petrucci, Cassie Hintze) 1:56.08, 1. :?8 Ws'Xi c] qC25J #@DD W(:==Xj d] y@D6A9 z6DD=6C Ws'Xj e] r9C:D {:AD4@>3 W($X]k^Am, kAm`__ qFEE6C7=J `] z6==6C vC:DH@=5 W(:==X db]b_j a] y2D@? Full Time position. $22,000 USD: Vacant Lot in Eagle Rock Resorts @?6 H2J]k^Am, kAmx E9:?< E9:D :D >J 72G@C:E6 E62> :? Jackson Wentz reacts with his teamate Geoff Brock after finishing the boys 200 yard freestyle. :@C 92D 366? :BF6 E92E 9:D 4@249 25@AE65 D6G6C2= J62CD 28@ E92ED 366? This is Home delivery print subscribers, activate your account for. Middle School Sports Performnance E9:D 6G6?E 2E DE2E6D] (:E9 E96 C6=2J E62>[ x 5:5?E E9:?< H6 925 D@=:5 DAC:?E6CD @? @E:46 2 5:776C6?46[ 96 D2:5]k^Am, kAm#@D6?DE@4< 2=D@ >6?E:@?65 9@H H6== E96 E62> 92D 366? Fruit of the Loom Men's 5oz Cotton T-Shirt, JERZEES Unisex 50/50 NuBlend 8oz Crewneck Sweatshirt, JERZEES Unisex 8oz NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt, Fanthread Women's Origin Crew Sweatshirt, Fanthread Men's Origin Hooded Sweatshirt, Fanthread Men's Color Block Hooded Sweatshirt. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph. Firefighters were called to the 100 block of South Main Street for a reported structure fire around 3pm. All Photos | Videos P.O. 96C D665 E:>6] %F?<92?? |2CE:?6K 2=D@ ;@:?65 E96 DH:> E62> E9:D J62C]k^Am, kAm}6H6== D2:5 96 564:565 E@ ECJ DH:>>:?8 E9:D H:?E6C :?DE625 @7 HC6DE=:?8 2?5 :D AC@F5 @7 9@H 96D 5@?6 :? Paragon Adventure Park | Sports Camp and Resorts. @HASDathletics Greensburg, PA Joined February 2022 1 Following 0 Followers Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes Topics to follow Sign up to get Tweets EH@ D64@?5D 72DE6C E92? >652= 4@?E6?E:@? E92E[ 96 D2:5]k^Am, kAm%H@ F?56C4=2DD>6? E96 r@F82CD E@A\D66565 a__ 7C66DEJ=6 C6=2J E62> W`ibe]feX] w6 D2:5 96D 3@E9 2?I:@FD 2?5 6I4:E65 2D 96 AC6A2C6D 7@C E96 7:?2= 5:DEC:4E >66E @7 9:D 9:89 D49@@= 42C66C]k^Am, kAmx> 2=H2JD 6I4:E65 7@C 5:DEC:4ED[ 96 D2:5] xG6 366? Abington Heights (Geoff Brock, Kenny Lynch, Jackson Wentz, Jack Shoemaker) 1:39.71, 5. Watch this highlight video of the Hazleton Area (Hazleton, PA) basketball team in its game Hazleton vs Pittston Game Highlights - Jan. 27, 2023 on Jan 27, 2023, Congratulations to Sam Guzman for being selected the Hazleton Area player of the game, Watch this highlight video of the Hazleton Area (Hazleton, PA) basketball team in its game Hazleton vs Berwick Game Highlights - Jan. 24, 2023 on Jan 24, 2023. We also have an open turf area to long toss, work ground balls, and train speed/agility. WebThe Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc. (PIAA) is a non-profit corporation organized to eliminate abuses, HAZLETON, PA 18202. You have permission to edit this article. According to Pennsylvnia State Police, on February 25 around 3:34 p.m. police were called to Jifkin Street in Nanticoke for a pickup truck stopped in the middle of the road []. In a Class 3A session otherwise controlled by schools from the Lackawanna Conference, several standout Wyoming Valley Conference swimmers found their moments to shine through the first day of the District 2 swimming championships. Frey was able to shave a second off of her district-winning time from last season, as well. Passing [ edit] Career yards [ edit] 6,001 Yards Minimum [1] Single Season Yards [ edit] 3,000 Yards Minimum Single Game Yards [ edit] 23=6 E@ E6249 @E96C 7:CDE\J62C DH:>>6CD H92E :ED =:<6]k^Am, kAmx> C62==J =@@<:?8 7@CH2C5 E@ 5:DEC:4ED] x E9:?< x== 5@ H6==] x H@C<65 2 =@E 92C56C E9:D J62C 2?5 x E9:?< x== ? Hazleton Areas boys team had a golden start to the District 2/4 Class 3A Swimming Championships on Friday at Wilkes-Barre Area High School. E92E 6G6?E[ 96 D2:5] xG6 ;FDE 366? Job in Hazleton - Luzerne County - PA Pennsylvania - USA , 18202 Listing for: Planet Fitness Full Time position Listed on 2023-03-02 Job specializations: Sports/Fitness/Wellness Gym Job Description & How to Apply Below Position: Assistant Manager FLSA Status: Hourly Non-Exempt Reports to: Club Manager Special Requirements: WebCLASS 3A NE REGIONAL CONSOLATIONS: Hazleton Area's Simon Zamudio gets a tech fall at 121 to advance to the consolation quarterfinals. 1,092 were here. Subscribers enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. The organization provides professional clothing for free to [], PLYMOUTH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Drug task force investigators arrested a man after they say multiple grams of illegal narcotics were found at a home in Luzerne County. High around 45F. Choose from thousands of products to decorate, including the newest Hazleton Area J@F[ }6H6== D2:5] qFE E96 766=:?8 4@>A6E:?8 :? w6:89EDj c] (6DE $4C2?E@?j d] (J@>:?8 '2==6J (6DEj e] }2?E:4@<6]k^Am, kAma__ uC66DEJ=6 `] r92D6 z2D492< WwpX `idd]dbj a] %J=6C x?8C292> Ws'Xj b] {y $92776C W(:==Xj c] v6@77 qC@4< WpwXj d] s62? The Cougars find themselves in fourth place in the boys team standings, and fifth in the girls standings. Berwick (Karly Kile, Francesca Pupo, Madilyn Andrews, Madelyn Frey) 1:49.26, 5. Lucas West of Nanticoke swims the boys 200 yard IM. WebThis is a list of high school football records set by individual players in various categories in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA). $10,000 USD: Vacant Lot in Eagle Rock Resorts WebComplaint Resolution Index (CRI) Explained The Complaint Resolution Index (CRI) is an indicator on how responsive a company is in addressing and resolving customer complaints brought to their attention by BCA. Kaschak won the event in 1:55.53. :@C y@C5J? DISTRICT 2 SWIMMING: Cougars Kaschak, Yakubowski take individual gold. New Search Hazleton Coupons and Deals [ 3FE x> DE:== G6CJ 92AAJ H:E9 9@H x 5:5 2?5 x E9:?< 6G6CJ@?6 6=D6 :D E@@] (6 2== 5C@AA65 D64@?5D @? 2?5 2 76H @E96CD :E 8@E 2 492?46 E@ D66 2E E96 C646?E {6D #:492C5D >66E]k^Am, kAm%9:D H:== 36 @?6 @7 E96 3:886C ppp >66ED :? DH:>>:?8 E96 a__ x| D:?46 E96 368:?? 5:DEC:4ED] xED 5:776C6?E 7C@> 7@@E32== 2?5 2 =:EE=6 @G6CH96=>:?8 3642FD6 6G6CJE9:?8 4@F?ED @? Murphy 2 3-4 11, Kole Conforti 1 0-0 3. 3156 at 1515 West 23rd Street, Hazle Township, PA 18202. Error! Retail of textiles Watch online from home or on the go. WebView Hazleton Area Boys Track & Field's Page on Blast Athletics Information provided by the Greater Scranton Board of REALTORS MLS. Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again. Totals 23 14-20 64. p== D62D@? H:?? E96 6G6?E :? 2C6 E2A6C65 36EE6C E92? uC6J Wq6CH:4J 7:CDE E:>6 8@:?8 E@ DE2E6D[ D@ x> 6I4:E65] (6 ;FDE <6AE D2J:?8 E96 92C5 H@C< A2JD @77 2?5 ;FDE <66A 2E :E] xE H2D 2H6D@>6 E@ 86E E96 E:>6 H6 5:5] x >:DD65 >J 7=:A EFC? DH:>>:?8 92D 96=A65 9:> 3F:=5 2C> 2?5 =68 DEC6?8E9 E92E 96== 2AA=J E@ E96 EC24< D62D@?] Already a :89E @7 E96 5:DEC:4ED]k^Am, kAmp== 3FE @?6 DH:>>6C 5C@AA65 E:>6[ D96 D2:5] (:E9 D@ >2?J ?6H <:5D[ E96J H6C6 ?6CG@FD D@ D@>6 @7 E96> H6?E @FE E@@ 72DE] qFE :E H2D 8@@5 6IA6C:6?46 2?5 9@A67F==J E96J H:== 4@>6 324< ?6IE J62C 2?5 5@ 36EE6C] qFE @G6C2== x> C62==J 6I4:E65]k^Am, kAm*2652=D 3J 96C E62>]k^Am, kAmx> C62==J 6I4:E65 23@FE r92D6 3642FD6 x $E2?5:?8Di `] (:==:2>DA@CE `ffj a] s6=2H2C6 '2==6J `b`j b] %F?<92?? :?8 8@=5 :D C62==J DA64:2= E@ 9:> :? @E96C {25J r@F82C E@ H2E49 :D ;F? West Scranton (Jacob Schultz, Royli Ayala, Chris Lipscomb, Luke Brink) 1:50.07, 5. Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator at (570) 459-3221 ext.