Search recorded assignment and record ownership changes, Offering opportunities for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and intellectual property (IP) professionals to learn about resources available to the. Mousepad. Her inventions now help NASA process information collected on . Born in Mxico, Lydia Villa-Komaroff has been granted U.S. Patent 4,565,785 for "Recombinant DNA Molecule" and U.S. Patent 4,411,994 for "Protein Synthesis." Victor Ochoa invented an early form of electrical brakes. The above are but a small yet significant selection of the many Hispanic people making great strides in various aspects of human life. Norton is a robot who creates inventions with his robotic dog Alpha. Moving on to another impactful inventor is Albert Bez who co-invented an x-ray reflection microscope in 1948. Fortunately, the more I search, the more stories I unearth of Hispanicengineers, scientists, and other specialists developing inventions and innovations in fields ranging from aerospace and information technology to chemical engineering and medical devices. Mario Molina is a Mexican scientist and chemist. However, he is most well-known for two significant contributions to modern technologythe reCAPTCHA system and Duolingo. Marianne Paguia Gonzalez, a technologist and systems engineer at JPL-NASA, gives us insights into her work for the space agency and a whole lot of pointers on getting into NASA. From 2013 until 2018, Dr. Ochoa served as the director of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The scientists and inventors listed below have invented Minecraft, GimKit, are kid scientists, scientists they may have seen on social media, and many more! 7. For now, I would like to share a few intriguing stories, primarily of people who have been documented at the Lemelson Centerso far. As of 2004, about 2,800 of the X . This is a list of inventors and discoverers who are of Spanish origin or otherwise reside in continental Spain or one of the country's oversees territories. A former captain in the Mexican Federal Army, he also served two years in jail and lost his U.S. citizenship for organizing an army in the United States for the purpose of invading Mexico. After his release, President Theodore Roosevelt restored his citizenship by a special proclamation in 1906. The most recent biotech business formed by Zaffaroni is Alexza Pharmaceuticals. Contents. ", Born in Chile, Luis Alejandro Cavallo Caroca was granted U.S. Design Patent D582,231 for the "Ornamental Design of a Corkscrew" and also U.S. Design Patent D584,122 for the "Ornamental Design of Scissors.". The first oral contraceptive, tradename Norinyl, was manufactured by Syntex Corp. Victor Celorio patented the "Instabook Maker" a technology supporting e-book distribution by quickly and elegantly printing an offline copy. Guillermo Gonzlez Camarena (1917-1965), an electrical engineer by trade, invented a chromoscopic converter in 1940 at the age of 23. Born in Argentina, Julio C. Palmaz was granted over 40 patents, including his most recent - U.S. Patent 8,728,563 for "Endoluminal Implantable Surfaces, Stents, and Grafts and Method of Making Same." Mario Molina. Ms. Mar-Spinola received a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from San Jose State University and a J.D. Zaffaroni patented these early transdermal drug devices in the 1970s. Bellis, Mary. Ochoa was a revolutionist who sought to overthrow the rule of Mexicos chief executive in the early nineties. His best-known invention, the Ochoaplane was a small flying machine with collapsible wings. Her first trip was a nine-day mission in 1993 to conduct atmospheric and solar studies from the space shuttle Discovery, which you can visit at the Smithsonians Udvar-Hazy Center. In 1881 he received a patent for inventing a method of producing carbon . Ochoas family is originally from Mexico, but they moved to California before she was born. He . Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena - Invented an early color television transmission system; Luis Von Ahn - Inventor of the anti-spam and web robot captcha Dr. Liotta graduated from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina where he received his doctorate in Medicine and Surgery. (accessed March 4, 2023). Needless to say, this list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive. As the father of modern neuroscience, the list of his discoveries in this field is quite long, and most of them have very complicated names. A whole bag of letters could be destroyed by one good rain or snow. Hispanics are among the most widely dispersed and diverse ethnicities in the world. After having her invention stolen by a man who claimed that there was no way a woman could have invented such a . 01.23.20 at 4:43 pm. Before Ochoa was born, her family, originally from Mexico, relocated to California, where she was born and raised. ", National Science Foundation Director France A. Crdova presenting the fiscal year 2017 NSF budget request on February 9, 2016. Born in California, Elena T. Medo has been granted nine U.S. With an undergraduate degree in physics and a masters and doctorate in electrical engineering, she served as a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories and NASAs Ames Research Center and is the co-inventor ofthree optics-related USPatents(4,674,824, 4,838,644, and 4,949,389). Born in Spain, Jesus Maria Sanchez-Prez is a neurosurgeon that was granted U.S. Patent 2,617,944 for "Serial Roentgenography" circulatory system x-rays. In order to keep heart arteries open after an angioplasty, Palmaz created a balloon-expandable stent in collaboration with physician Richard Schatz. Sign language can be complex and not everyone is fluent. Building engineers can design structures that are better able to resist seismic activity using the Arias Intensity Formula. the most famous invention from your state. Trademarks are property of their respective owner. Walker (1867-1919) Madam C.J. Do you have a favorite Hispanic inventor of your own? However,more famously, Ochoa was the first Hispanic woman astronaut, participating in four space shuttle flights for a total of 978 hours in space. The unique egg shape of this sponge-like tool came to Silva during a special effects makeup class when she learned the value of makeup application with different sizes and shapes of beauty tools. (2021, July 31). Im not a robot test or Captcha codes are the jumbled letters that users are required to match before entering a website. Additionally, the date of October 12 also known as Columbus Day or Da de la Raza falls inside this 30-day window. They were made in hot clay pots, and not in the microwave. According toEncyclopedia Britannica, from 2013-to 2018, Dr. Ochoa worked as the director of NASAs Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Palmaz was admitted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006. Historically, September gives us plenty of reasons to rejoice. The Sept. 15 start . The sweltering summer heat begins to fade. There she developed three optics-related patents, which help computers process information more quickly and efficiently. Walker (December 23, 1867-May 25, 1919) Smith Collection / Gado / Getty Images. Abbas ibn Frinas was an Andalusian inventor in the 10th century. Patents, including U.S. Patent 5,971,952 for a "Breast Pump System Using Wall Vacuum Source.". The AcceleGlove contains sensors that work with a micro-controller attached to the wearer's arm and maps the movement of the arm and fingers. In 1991, Ann Tsukamoto and her team patented a discovery that would change the medical field forever stem cell transplants. Miramontes worked out the missing piece of the puzzle to create progestin, a progesterone-like hormone that could be taken orally to prevent ovulation. Yes, colour television was invented by a Mexican: Guillermo Gonzlez Camarena. Eyeglasses. And, on the 8th of September, 1888, it was launched. Manny Villafaa at St. Jude Medical headquarters, June 27, 2013. For his invention, Camarena became the first person in history to receive a patent for the development of a color television (U.S. Patent 2,296,019). Uruguayan entrepreneur and biochemist Alejandro Zaffaroni created a system for drugs to be administered to the body through skin bandages. The Palmaz-Schatz Stent was given a patent, Johnson & Johnson, a healthcare provider, provided funding, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it. Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith is a writer and wellness professional whose work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and We Are Mitu. Manuel Ussel de Guimbarda/Wikimedia Commons, Spanish engineer and naval officer Isaac Peral y Caballero (1851-1895) is credited with creating an early electrical-powered submarine, the "Peral Submarine.". He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006. He also owned several patents in the USA, Argentina, and France. Benjamin Valles of Chihuahua, Mexico, developed a system and a method for pre-forming cable for promoting adhesion to overmolding sensor body for Delphi Technologies Inc. 1938-2009. And then in 1900, on December 23 on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., an inventor named Reginald Fessenden accomplished a remarkable feat: He made the first wireless telephone call. More than two decades ago, and only three years after her first space flight, Ochoa spoke about her life and inventive career with middle-school students at a 1996 Innovative Lives program at the Lemelson Center. Bellis, Mary. Ochoa also invented the Ochoaplane and the adjustable wrench. In other words, his invention helped introduce the world to colored television! Liotta is not only a gifted heart surgeon, but hes also responsible for creating the first artificial heart used in a human being! 1849-1921. The first nuclear research reactor in Venezuela, the RV-1, one of the first in all of Latin America, was put into operation under the direction of Fernndez-Morn in 1957. In 1790, Jos Antonio de Alzate invented the automatic shutter, which avoids overflowing in water tanks, cisterns and toilets. As impressive as this was, the submarine's absence of a double hull and a diesel engine only limited its use to coastal actions. The 15th of September is noteworthy because it marks the anniversaries of the independence of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Guatemala. Here are a select few of some of the most notable. Between 1976 and 1983, he conducted research and taught at the Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Born in Puerto Rico, Guanglou Cheng, Carlos A. Ramirez, and Mara Aponte were granted U.S. Patent 7,427,654 for "Degradable Polymides" for use in medical applications. Bez worked for and lectured for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Photo by Sandy Schaeffer for NSF. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), trailblazing Hispanic Americans who made history. He also developed the three-phase system of electric power transmission. Courtesy of a Fulbright scholarship, he came to the USto earn a PhD in electrical engineering at George Washington University, where he received two USPatents (7,565,295 and 8,140,339) both for a method and apparatus for translating hand gestures for the AcceleGlove. Luis von Ahn is also the co-founder ofDuolingo, a completely free app that has caused major buzz among those wanting to learn another language. NASA has much to thank the Spanish inventor. As a teacher of vocal pedagogy, Garca was extremely curious about the mechanics of the human voice. A . The network that would later become Univision released this series of ads calling on "Hispanics" to fill out the 1980 Census. The Three-Light Traffic Signal, Invented by Garrett Morgan in 1923. This procedure helps clear blocked blood vessels and improves blood flow to the heart. He is best known as the creator of an electrical glove called the "AcceleGlove," which converts American Sign Language hand gestures into spoken and written words. From the first electrical submarine to transdermal medical patches, you can thank Hispanic inventors for these incredibly important innovations. Carlos Finlay became famous for his work in identifying the mosquito as a carrier of the deadly yellow fever germ. Called the "Enciclopedia Mecnica" (Mechanical Encyclopedia), she received several patents for the device. It is also thought that he invented the pencil and pen clips that allow them to attach to shirt pockets. Mexican inventor Felipe Vadillo patented a method of predicting premature fetal membrane rupture in pregnant women. "Top List of Mexican Inventors." Madam C.J. Ellen Ochoa. 31, 2021, These innovative creations and more wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the brilliant minds of these 10 African American inventors. It was described as a mechanical, electric, and air-pressure driven method for reading books. Although patented, Robless creation did not get the funding it needed to succeed, putting her among many on a list of lesser-known female inventors. He died in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1999 at the age of 75. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Dr. Jose Hernandez-Rebollar was born in Puebla, Mexico, on the 14th of July, 1969. He was also the first one to build a tunnel under a navigable river. Liotta's device was implanted in a 47-year-old patient with severe heart failure. But perhaps most important of all, September is when National Hispanic Heritage Month begins! Walker was the first African American woman to become a self-made millionaire after creating a line of hair products geared toward Black hair. It created the ability to view a functioning human voice box in action. The recipient lived for 64 hours with the artificial heart before receiving a real one. 6. Find upcoming programs related to IP policy and international affairs. According to,Zaffaroni played a major role in the development of extended-release tablets, implantable devices, transdermal patches (notably the NicoDerm CQ nicotine patch), and inhalers, such as Adasuve. He also served as the head of research at a pharmaceutical company that developed one of the earliest effective birth control pills. Angela Ruiz Robles (1895-1975) was a pioneer and inventor of the mechanical forerunner of the electronic book. Dr. Frances Coln: A Scientists Who Served in the US Government as an Advisor #7. At the age of 100, he was received at Buckingham Palace by King Edward VII. Victor Ochoa, who was born in Ojinaga, Mexico, in 1850, created an early form of electric streetcar brakes. The World's Greatest Inventors And What They Invented Invented: A variation on the induction telegraph The magnitude of an inventors work can often be defined by the esteem in which he is held by fellow inventors. Made from a material that is specifically designed to retain moisture, rather than repel it, the beautyblender gives the perfect application of foundation every time. According to the Smithsonian, Victor Ochoa had a reward of $50,000 offered for his delivery dead or alive to Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico. Alejandro Zaffaroni (1923-2014) was a biotechnology pioneer. This mathematical formula analyzes earthquake tremors' magnitude by analyzing their seismic waves. Top List of Mexican Inventors. Known for: Born into slavery, George Washington Carver became a foremost botanist, inventor and teacher . This includes people who reported detailed Hispanic or Latino groups.". He would later send his first color transmission from his lab in Mexico City on August 31, 1946. Juan Lozano's company Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana sells the Rocket Belt for a hefty price. 1. Arias later taught seismic engineering at MIT while serving as a visiting professor in 1969. From birth control pills to color television, Mexican inventors have contributed to creating many notable inventions. inventions have changed the world in the last decade, everyday things that were actually invented for World War I. you can stay at underwater hotels like these, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Domingo Santo Liotta was born in Argentina in 1924 to Italian immigrants and went on to become a heart surgery pioneer. Miranda was born in 1980 in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City . Copyright 2023, Smithsonian Institution, All Rights Reserved, Highlighting Hispanic Inventors and Innovators, blog-smith-monica-2017-09-22-victor-ochoa-undated-ac0590-0000008-ochoaplane-undated-ac0590-0000009-cnmah-750-inline-edit.jpg, blog-smith-monica-2017-09-22-ellen-ochoa-sts110-e-5254-11-april-2002-cnasa-750-inline-edit.jpg, visit at the Smithsonians Udvar-Hazy Center, named Director of NASAs Johnson Space Flight Center, blog-smith-monica-2017-09-22-manny-villafana-at-st-jude-medical--27-june-2013-cmonica-smith-750-inline-edit.jpg, blog-smith-monica-2017-09-22-nsf-director-france-cordova-presenting-fy17-budget-9-february-2016-cnsf-750-inline-edit.jpg, Notes from the Director: Hispanic Heritage Month. #11. Every day they scavenge around the junkyard for mechanical parts to turn into new inventions. Walker became the first Black woman millionaire by inventing a line of cosmetics and hair products aimed at Black consumers in the first decades of the 20th century. In 1969, Liotta developed the total artificial heart that would be used for the first time at St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital in Houston. Norton is a master of figuring out a new purpose for each discarded part. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15), we highlight a few of the Hispanic and Latinx scientists and engineers who made (and are making) important contributions to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Details about his numerous outstanding pupils and accomplishments are recorded on his headstone. The primary active component of one of the first birth control pills, which Syntex Laboratories, Inc. later branded as Norinyl, was norethindrone. Celorio was born on July 27, 1957, in Mexico City. The USPTO is currently improving our content to better serve you. However, it is essential to note that the term "Hispanic" is very nebulous, with many interpretations, including conflicting official definitions from the U.S. Census and other "official" sources. In 1936, Ochoa returned to Sinaloa, Mexico, where he reportedly died nine years later. Alejandro Campos Ramrez was a poet, publisher and inventor from Galicia who became known world-wide for his invention: table soccer or foosball. File a patent application online with EFS-web, Single interface replacement for EFS-Web, Private PAIR and Public PAIR, Check patent application status with Patent Center and Private PAIR, Pay maintenance fees and learn more about filing fees and other payments, Resolve disputes regarding patents with PTAB. He was only 22 when he introduced his self-built colour TV to the country in 1940, and he was to later come up with a 'trichomatic, field-sequential system' and 'improved chromoscopic .