Fixed Uruguay getting more than four ministers. NatPop Mittelafrika no longer gets cores on most of Africa after beating its rebellions. The endonym/exonym game rule has been removed. Fixed Spanish annexations when annexed by different factions. Fixed Galicia & Lodomeria not being annexed by Russia, despite Austria acceding to Russian demands. NatPop Italian Republic is now known as the Italian National Republic instead of Legionnaire Italy. Pondicherry will no longer be claimed by the British in their reconquest of India. The Ottomans can now integrate Azerbaijan. Fixed a scope interfering with Peru-Bolivian Confederations claims. Let the player customize Afghani borders in the annexation decision. Fixed the Persian focus to attack Iraq and further improved their AI code. Socialist Netherlands now keeps its orange colour. The United Kingdom now starts with some trains. Adjusted the unit limit bonus and added some more technology boosts to Yunnans military tree. Socialist Republic of Italy now starts with three more dockyards. Ukraine is now always SocCon when released by Russia. Split the Maghreb strategic region into Western and Eastern regions. Fixed the West Indies Federation integration timer never firing. Canada's Quid Pro Quo focus fixed - it now requires that you actually intervened in the war (or fought CSA separately, and then gave land back). Added Destacamento 111 (Detachment 111) for Bolivia. Fixed a Xinjiang national focus that activated a decision set that no longer exists. Fixed Germany getting By Blood Alone plane variants without the DLC. The Princely Federation now starts with a core on Goa. Fixed Legation Cities losing its core on Tianjin. Clarified a requirement in the tooltip for Polands National Distributism and Supreme Chamber of Commerce national foci. The White Ruthenian annexation events now account for the Lithuanian-Belarusian Federation. Fixed the Ottoman Empire inviting a buffer state Persia or Afghanistan to the Association of Muslim Nations. Armenia getting puppeted by expansionist Russia no longer changes Armenias ideology wheel and ruling party. Some Fengtian collaboration focuses will now provide intel to Japan (if La Resistance is owned). Added a lvl 1 bunker to Wuchang, as the city was somewhat fortified, Siam will now convert its king's guard to ceremonial guard unit if gone republic, and vice-versa. Fixed German East Asia gaining cores on states given by Fate of X missions, instead of claims. Gave Chiles generals their correct names. Improved the ship variants built by the AI, notably the usage of more modern hulls and modules if the Man the Guns DLC is active. Split Louisiana state along the Mississippi. GEA will now keep its units in East Asia. PatAut Norway can now join the Moscow Accord, if the former does not border the Third Internationale, and Savinkov is leader of Russia. It will now use the war stability modifier. up console command/debug tool 2.type "add_party_popularity (ideology ID) (number)" to change ideology popularity, or set_ruling_party (ideology ID) Fixed the missing text on the Dutch Water Lines decisions. Fixed and streamlined the Dutch East Indies random events. Kenya and Nigeria are now remilitarised when Mittelafrika collapses. Serbian allies are now given the option of simply pulling out of the alliance or attacking (or to react at all), and Serbia is given a chance to back down. Austria can no longer conjure oil from the ether. Fixed the State Transfer Tool decision referring to the incorrect shortcut. Federalist China will now have Wang Jingwei as the head of the Kuomintang upon unification, rather than Song Qingling. The Indochinese Union is now just called Indochina. Poland can no longer turn nationalist if Russia is ruled by socialists, pending further content. Slightly increased the chance of Patagonia agreeing to unite, if Argentina is SocLib or MarLib. Persia will now form a faction with the Bharatiya Commune more readily, if set to do so in the game rules. Tweaked Bulgarias behaviour in attacking Serbia, after losing to them previously, before the Weltkrieg. Fixed the Railway Nationalisation national focus for NatPop Russia giving a buff which is later reduced in a consequent national focus. AuthDem Flanders-Wallonia and Flanders now have puppet leaders. Ukraines Pereyaslav focus is no longer blocked by the Second Weltkrieg. Initial Iraqi events regarding the Muntafiq revolt and its outcome were changed so they are no longer RNG (whereas before it was up to Persia if the Muntafiq revolt event fired at all), and the outcome is decided by the player, rather than via random chance. Faction Diplomacy Buttons: several patches ago, the faction-related buttons on the diplomacy interface were removed, since all faction creation/joining is done via decisions and events in Kaiserreich. Fixed Totalist Liberia being in Mitteleuropa. Fengtian can no longer recruit bandit troops while banning looting. Fixed the location of several victory points in the Union of Britain, Denmark and Russia. Patagonias national focus to economically support the Third Internationale during the Second Weltkrieg is now available for all paths (previously it was restricted to only 2 paths). Non-ruling party leaders of New England are now generics, instead of being Huey Long, Floyd Olson and Jack Reed. Fixed Romanian socialists having access to monarchy decisions. The Habsburg archdukes in Galicia and Lodomeria, and Hungary, now rejoin Austria when Danubia forms. Fixed puppet totalist Bulgaria being locked out of the focus tree. Fixed Brazil removing their Black Monday national spirit not bypassing some related national focuses. Japan's "Fading Sun" mission for when they are losing in mainland Asia, is now also visible to their Chinese opponents. Buffed the Ma Clique slightly, by reducing Mongolian and Tibetan starting armies by 1 weak division each. Fixed the Return Lands decision sometimes not transferring state control correctly. RadSoc Hawaii now gets more party popularity when they take power. Franois Darlan is now an admiral for the Commune of France, having moved from the French Republic. Fixed a province in Belgium not being a forest. Expanded Switzerlands national populist path, The Kaiser Wilhelm society now exists at game start, Germany is no longer locked out of the Walloon annexation event. Peru now loses its core on Pastaza if they peace out with Ecuador. Updated the version of Madju Sukarelawan (Advance Volunteers) for Insulindia. Added a failsafe so that the Japanese Treaty Territories so they are always annexed. Expanded the Murmansk state to cover the Murman Railway. Restored all Brazilian leader descriptions accidentally deleted. Replaced James Craig with Basil Brooke as the head of state for Ulster. Fixed Bulgaria being unable to integrate its periphery states, after regaining them from a victorious Belgrade Pact. POL now loses Monarchist Sympathies when puppeted. Nerfed Siams war reparations national spirit. Replaced Australasia's Isaac Isaacs with Alexander Hore-Ruthven. Temporarily disabled the Government in Exile mechanic due to a peace conference bug which is only fixable on Paradoxs end. Added started naval production for Canada. Fixed Tawang no longer being a core of the Bharatiya Commune. The value of the Bozen victory point has been nerfed. Improved the performance of the Exile decisions. Fixed Verdinaso Flanders being unable to access the Revise the Treaty national focus. The Netherlands Emancipating the Colonies national focus is now impossible if Insulindia revolted against the Dutch East Indies. This can occur as early as mid-1939, or as late as 1941 (rarely). VNC's naval transfer to ITA is now immediate to avoid the capitulation deleting the fleet. Fixed independent Lithuania puppeting itself to Germany. Socialist Russia now gets a temporary reconstruction national spirit. Fixed the Fate of Asir and Sinai events for the Ottomans (post-defeat) leaving them with an exclave. Changed the priority on some World News events that should be regional rather than worldwide. Socialist Russia now gets a wargoal on NatPop Ukraine when attacking Germany. Increased the number of starting divisions for the Combined Syndicates. Fixed Hans Vogel's death event not firing for Germany. Fixed Siams Phibunsongkhram not being removed from the minister list if assassinated. Fixed Strengthening the Reichspakt via difficulty settings not affecting Namibia. Fixed some broken national spirits in Natal. Shandong - decision to hire mercenaries during the League War. Embargoes are now properly cleared when a country goes socialist. Romania will now only get attacks in annexed Alfld if Hungary exists. Fixed Austria not getting a core on Transdanubia if Galicia was granted to Poland. Added and revamped coast guard AI rules for Netherlands and Belgium. Fixed Japan not being correctly removed from the Legation Cities council. Fixed some of the incorrect stat nerfs for German and Japanese Admirals that were implemented in the previous version. Germany now loses claims and cores on Belgian lands ceded via the Treaty of Arlon. Fixed South Africas Plan Smuts decisions missing AI factors. Added a trait to the commanders in the Dominion of India that will only be available if the country remains in the Entente. The following codes are useful to manipulate your game: Events To trigger an event, open the console, type "event " and then follow it up with the respective event code.Event For additional commands not specific to Millennium Dawn, check out the Hearts of Iron 4 Official Wiki's Console commands page. Added city fall events for Tokyo, Manila, Vladivostok and Dublin. Added parties and leaders to Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal. You have to start as Yunnan and make them rebel to play their limited content, Irelands doctrine bonuses have now been reassigned to the correct path, If the Germans and Entente fall to invasion, the Ottomans no longer have to pay their debts back to their governments in exile anyway just to be a good sport, Mexico can no longer invade CEN if its a puppet, Patagonias starting focus no longer sets you to War Economy, instead youre given an idea to buff you instead, The Kingdom of Spain and CNT-FAI trees have been nerfed, The Rally the Country event should no longer fire for any country after the British king has been captured, Peace event for Bulgaria to win the Balkan war can now still fire even if Serbia is not capitulated last, and another Belgrade Pact country currently is leader, Fixed a rare instance where the war between Hungary and Austria could be invalidated, leading to an independent Hungary and no resolution to the Ausgleich event chain, Sweden can no longer drag the Reichspakt or the Third Internationale into wars with their faction-joining decisions, If the UK demands return of colonial lands from a puppet, that demand is now forwarded to the puppets overlord instead, The Greek rebel state is now auto-annexed by Greece if the war has been caused to somehow invalidate through outside interference, The LEP should no longer capitulate with Qing while together in a faction, GEA and Mittelafrika now start in the Reichspakt, as the bugs needing them to be out of the faction have since been fixed, Restored the possibility of taking control of puppet forces, with exceptions - puppets of Austria, China or Russia are not controllable, The German Empires Mitteleuropa and Japans Co-Prosperity Sphere now have a unique GUI that shows a list of countries involved and its effects, Focus times on the French, British and German trees have been shortened, Eastern European states have had their trees further restructured, Portrait updates: Emperor Hirohito (JAP), Justas Paleckis (LIT), Ioan Mihail Racovita (ROM), Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (ROM), Cristian Racovski (ROM), Alexander Vasilevsky (SOV), Garegin Nzhdeh (ARM), Arturo Puga (CHL), Bartolome Blanche (CHL), Jean-Pierre Esteva (NFA), C. Rajagopalachari (MAD), Periyar Ramasavy (MAD), Minoo Misani (DEH), Fazlul Huq (BHC), Pedro III (BRA), Eleazar Lopez Contreras (VEN), Jose Aguero (PRU), Dwight Eisenhower (USA), Joseph Wainwright (USA), Joseph Stillwell (USA), William Leahy (USA), Willis Augustus Lee (USA), John Lesesne DeWitt (USA), Ernest King (USA), Henry Wallace (USA), Daniel Van Voorhis (USA), Walter Krueger (USA), William Halsey Jr. (USA), George Marshall (USA), We have begun the process of slowly replacing all remaining vanilla portraits used by the mod.