A sense of purpose permeates the whole album, and not just the one explicit protest song, In the Ghetto.. How many albums did Elvis sell in 2019? Blue Hawaii (1961) The second-most commercially successful LP of the 60s (behind only the soundtrack to West Side Story) is this iconic soundtrack, which comes as close to having a unifying concept as Elvis ever got, Christmas and Christ excepted. living fire begets cold, impotent ash luka doncic euroleague accolades how many records did elvis sell worldwide 07 jun 2022. how many records did elvis sell worldwiderelationship between tiger shark and green sea turtle Why this led to some confusion over what was and what was not recorded on the old RCA computer may be a bit of a red herring. $1 million was equal to about 760,000 copies and 608,000 copies at $4.98. It takes you to another world just not the one it was going for. How can you sensibly compare a group of people to one especially when their music is as different as chalk and cheese? Elvis recorded not only studio albums, but live albums and soundtracks, and released compilation albums:Studio 23Live 7Compilation 11Soundtracks 19This gives a total of 60 albums released in his name. ** In addition after the 1973 buyout and right up to the present day, literally dozens and dozens of heavily promoted Elvis compilations were released through other outlets, under special license. Good Times (1974) Okay times. Girls! Nevertheless there is still sufficient, if largely circumstantial evidence available, to enable a researcher to arrive at some sort of ballpark figure. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Elvis Presley's best selling album is "Elvis Presley" which was released in 1956. How many records did Elvis put out? (The remaining 500 were digital album purchases.) Elvis' Christmas Album (also reissued as It's Christmas Time) is the third studio album and first Christmas album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley on RCA Victor, . The evidence is there - just not broken down to enable certification by individual title, correctly required under the RIAA rules. "Wonderful World of Christmas" reached number 13 on the Billboard Country Albums chart in 1978. His 25 percent commission from Elvis's tours and record sales alone amasses to nearly $14 million dollars, plus another $2 million for his film commissions. Frankie and Johnny (1966) Elvis was so fed up with the soundtrack recording process at this point in his career that he threw a tantrum in the studio and had to record his vocals separately from the musicians. [4] Elvis' Christmas Album remains the biggest selling holiday album of all time, selling over 20 million copies worldwide. Of note are the reissue series, Costello's back catalogue having undergone reissue three times by three different companies. From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976). The best musical instrument is a love triangle. Something for Everybody (1961) Elviss third post-Army record (he served, mostly in Germany, from 1958 to 1960) opens with the moody and introspective Don Robertson crooner Theres Always Me, but ditches the midnight mood thereafter, instead continuing with well-sung country-pop. In 1956, the famous singer known as Elvis Presley released his first album. This insane number is made of 23 pure studio albums, 17 original soundtracks, 23 Christmas-related releases, 39 box sets, 29 live efforts, 200 compilations and 10 records tagged as other which include interviews and spoken discs. If you include the soundtrack albums, Elvis had about 45 studio albums. I tracked the origin of this estimate back to the 1972/3 negotiations, which eventually led to the buyout of Elvis' back catalogue. The title song simulates heavenly thunder over tinkling piano, and the rest of the A side is sweetly sung and gently soothing. However, Elvis did sell more records than Michael, although, it's fair to say he released more albums, and his albums have been around for much longer than Michael's. Elvis has sold well over a billion records, or almost two billion records perhaps more than The Beatles! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. All rights reserved. Each song nonsensically ends with a tiny snippet of the title theme song, sung from the perspective of an all-knowing, ever-present Neolithic being who hung out with Moses, giving the record a vaguely conceptual feeling, but sounding like an error every time. Further Sony/RCA have released more than 250 uncertified albums in the USA alone (including Record Club only issues) over the years, some of which may only have sold as little as 50,000 copies apiece but they all add up. His Hand in Mine (1960) One long Halloween night session yielded Elviss first gospel quartet-style LP, a passion project featuring a few of the singers own arrangements of traditional material. In any case, he had the privilege and the burden of a voice that sounded legit trying out everything from a quavery tenor to a hubristic baritone, unafraid of operatic grandeur or gruffness or languor, with vibrato and falsetto and commitment, traces of which are present even when one can hear the poor guy itching to get out of the studio and back to his Graceland. This is a moving document (and deconstruction) of Elviss unique embodiment of r&b, gospel, country, and rock and roll. The album kicks off with the cosmos-summoning theme from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and then goes into a high-speed take on Thats All Right, with able support from a horn section. Moody Blue (1977) Unable to get a full studio set out of Elvis, RCA settled for this combination of tracks recorded at Graceland and live versions of never-released songs from his final concerts, including his legendarily decrepit but moving version of Unchained Melody (which youre better off watching on YouTube). More than 500 million records were sold by the Beatles worldwide. 700 songs. Read More. Elvis doesnt quite convince you to rock out with the explicit dance instructions on the title track (clap your hands real loud and turn your head to the left) but it starts the album off with vim, which is followed by Elviss pleasant request for heavenly kisses on Angel. The rocker Easy Come, Easy Go comes and goes easily, as does this whole album, which sustains a light tone, unlike the laborious country-oriented material on Elviss other LPs from this period. The Official Top 50 biggest selling Elvis Presley singles revealed . Breaking down the contenders in the seasons most unpredictable Oscar race. " Love Me Tender" Release date: Aug. 3. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. 3. 57. (Its no surprise that he worshipped James Dean, and you can somehow hear him channeling that adoration onto wax.) This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How much money did Colonel Parker make off Elvis? Elvis Presley Discography: Check Out The List of Elvis Presley Albums in Order of Release Here! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. " Hound Dog" Release date: July 1, 1956. This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 17:01. Spinout could be the best soundtrack Elvis put out around this time, but thats not saying a lot, and it still has oodles of eminently skippable stuff, like the sex-is-food equation Smorgasbord.. So Glad Youre Mine, a great mocking Arthur Crudup song left over from an earlier session kicks off the second side, and when Elviss mournful desire peeks out on Hows the World Treating You, as elsewhere, the effect is spellbinding. But they were enough. 23. 42. Elvis and his original band distill r&b, country, blues, and rockabilly into primal pop music. RCA/Sony did once try to get their overseas outlets to send in their sales stats, but this request was misconstrued. Oh, Loosey! Male is a driving version of a choice pun about an extremely threatening M-A-L-E persona, Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On) is as irritating as it was on the Double Trouble soundtrack, and the silly funk of A Little Less Conversation and Rubberneckin ultimately worked better as techno-remixes in soccer and Toyota ads. For Elvis fanatics, this is probably a godsend. It could have been because he was expected to sing about Old MacDonald having a farm and going E-I-E-I-O, with the addition of embarrassing new lyrics about chicken fricassee, pork and beans, and burgers. You could get dangerously lost in the Kings Spanish Eyes, if you favor the European Romantic quadrant of his repertoire. Beginning in 1954, he recorded at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips, who aimed to popularize African-American music. Elvis Is Back With New Money Maker As U.S. ELVIS PRESLEY Vinyl LP LOT 50+ Album Collection Many Sealed VG~NM Condition. Double Trouble (1967) Advertised as an adventure filled with dames, diamonds, discotheques, and danger, this movie featured a soundtrack for which the recording sessions once again got Elvis so mad that he stormed out of the studio. 15. Tighter and more pleasurable than the previous bombastic New York and Hawaii live albums, this excises a lot of flab (while, this being an Elvis album, retaining some) and adds gospel grit via J.D. When sometime later, after BMG took over RCA, the new team tried and failed to elicit any kind of rational explanation from Don Wardell, it swiftly became apparent to them that he hadn't got one. The received wisdom regarding his albums which prizes theSun Sessions(which, had this ranking included compilation albums featuring no new or previously unreleased material, wouldve been a strong contender for the top-spot), Elviss first records for RCA, and his 68 comeback recordings overlooks some worthy stuff within the often indistinguishable heap making up the rest of his corpus. The recent international sales of 'Where No One Stands Alone' may be the first gospel album to suggest that this may no longer be the case. We no longer need to make a song and dance over so-called lost sales. Domestically the indications are that the sales of Elvis records has over the last ten years, together with the discovery of historic sales, pushed up the overall total from about 400 million records to an current figure of 430 million copies - which can be broken down and in much simply form than before as follows: Summary of American Sales from 1954-2018 Millions sold, RIAA certified sales 205 Awaiting certification 5 Sales above/between certification levels * 75 Sales below minimum certification levels* 70 Other sales** 65 Total 430 million. From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden, Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others, Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas, From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Elvis Presley was one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); Tony Orlando's song Halfway to Paradise serves as a fitting reminder of Elvis' enormous respect for other singers. Powered by - Designed with theHueman theme. 36. While it was already an enormous task, that was only one part of the picture. G.I. Your email address will not be published. Although these figures should be treated with a certain degree of caution, it was only when Elvis died that things appeared to really go awry. That is 33% of $3.98 (1956-1970, 1970-1974 an LP was $4.98). Elvis did not sell 1 billion records by 1982, which claim first appeared via an article in the 'Washington Post' dated 12 July of that year and quoted RCA as its source. Of course, we already saw that assuming 250,000 sales on average for each - mid-way to Gold - is not an accurate method. Davis' album, Elephant, is by far the best . Blues (1960) The most conceptually successful marketing tie-in to Elviss military service was his first film after returning from serving abroad, which spawned this most-velvet-voiced and easygoing soundtrack. He said his surgery was a success, but he needs time to heal before he can tour again. Songman and his far-from-actualized Love Song of the Year.. I Got Lucky (1971) These are the rest of the songs from the four 60s Elvis movies without soundtrack LPs that had been previously compiled on Cmon Everybody. Guralnick, Peter and Jorgensen, Ernst (1999). Elvis Presley is second in the U.S., with 135 million sold. Historical consequence aside, the music is a dynamite convergence of older Sun and newer RCA recordings, which served to feed the growing nationwide Elvis bedlam, and its equally perfect as a showcase for the thrusting dancer of Blue Suede Shoes as it is for the sensitive crooner experimenting in nocturnal melancholy at its hypnotic best on the ethereal Blue Moon and I Love You Because. At the same time, the desperate Ill Never Let You Go (Little Darlin) and Money Honey reveal an essential dangerous-rebel aspect to his appeal. It kicks off with the lush celeste and pedal steel of the title track, which is a sweet Bing Crosby update, and after the kooky saxophone and clonking sounds of Almost Always True, the island mood remains sustained, complete with frantic ukulele intros. after 1974 a GOLD LP had to sell $1 million AND 500,000 copies. 20. Elvis got to distance himself from the worn-out commercial decisions imposed by Colonel Parker and dig deep into meaningful material of his own choosing, capturing some of the earlier TV specials spontaneous sense of fun and inventiveness with spirited and unpredictable arrangements and performances, including a great rhythm section and backup singing that blows his mainstays, the often-stiff Jordanaires, out of the water. # In several key overseas markets some sales were documented and certified - even as far back as the 1950s. There are a number of other points to be made at this juncture namely: Certification of record sales requires documentation not of any actual sales sheets, but of the shipping invoices sent to the distributor and the returns of unsold discs made to the supplier. Little Richards Rip It Up starts the album off with plenty of oomph and one of the fiercest-ever Scotty Moore guitar breaks, and the two other Little Richard cuts are equally hard-hitting. 1. LIVE. In the throes of her research, Reid found herself transfixed by their dynamic. Album Certifications Total 146.5 Million. Elvis has sold over 2.5 Billion Records Worldwide. 'A Little Less Conversation' (2002), 'Rubberneckin' (2003) etc. Jason Statham and Aubrey Plaza do not seem like a match made in action-comedy-chemistry heaven, but it somehow works. The problem remains the sales of records outside the USA. From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis (1969) This could have been more understandably named From Nothing to Something, considering the full renovation of Elvis in the period following his 1968 comeback. ) and the communist-baiting patriotism of Hes Your Uncle, Not Your Dad fare much worse. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have broken up after he allegedly cheated on her with Raquel Leviss. Albums [ edit] Studio albums [ edit] Notes And since . A dash of then-trendy bossa nova is sped up and rendered unintelligible for the lead single, and Elvis sings that (Theres) No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car, which encapsulates the stilted rhythms here, incongruously imported from Brazil and Cuba, despite the fact that the film is set in Mexico. 1. for 59 weeks and 4 No. Since no global certification process common to all artists exists, that is all that can be done anyway, whoever we are talking about. Would love your thoughts, please comment. "If I Can Dream" reached number 1 on the Billboard Classical Albums and the Billboard Classical Crossover Albums charts. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966) Elvis plays a rugged chopper pilot in this, his third Hawaiian movie, and again he cranked out a soundtrack with his regular studio gang and stable of songwriters. Elvis Presley recorded 18 albums from 1956 through 1977. On the eccentric Im Yours, we have the rare experience of hearing Elvis close-harmonizing with himself over some weirdly isolated organ, providing a nicely unsettling hall-of-mirrors effect. Written and researched by Nick Keene with help from Ernst Jorgensen and source's at Sony Music for Elvis Australia. The final step will consist in crossing the data from all indicators chart runs, certifications, Soundscan, external sales data to establish how many albums the rock n roll legend moved in his native country. Elvis Presley 23 Studio albums, 8 Live albums, 13 Compilation albums, 29 EPs, 18 Soundtrack albums, 30 Box sets, 115 Posthumous compilations, and 11 Remix albums. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. 40. All told, there is less than 20% of his albums for which we do own that key sales indicator, and for most of them the number is outdated. [1][2] Billboard ranks Presley as the 13th Greatest Artist of all Time. A busier and often boisterous second half introduces elaborate group vocals, guitars, soul-summoning claps, snaps, cymbals, and saxes, with Elviss arrangement of Run On a lean and tough version of that sinners warning. King Creole (1958) Elviss favorite movie role was as the new star of the King Creole nightclub, and the accompanying soundtrack album was also something strong.