This process was called annealing.. 10 Most Valuable Lefton China Pieces (Rarest Sold For $1,295), Antique Cast Iron Stoves Value (Rarest & Most Valuable is Selling for $24,500), 1920 Singer Sewing Machine Value (Rarest Sold For $3,000), Most Valuable 1934 20 Dollar Bill (Rarest Sold For $40,800), 4 Most Valuable Antique Typewriter (Rarest Sold For $110,059), Antique Ruby Rings Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $2.6 Million), Antique Cast Iron Toy Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $13,500), Top 10 Antique Stores in Connecticut [Update 2023], THE 10 BEST Pennsylvania Antique Stores (with Photos), 10 Best Antiques Near Me in Fort Worth, TX, The 13 Most Valuable Disney Pins (Rarest Sold For $10,000), Most Valuable Rare Hummel Figurines (Rarest Sold For $5000+), 1941 Penny Value Chart (Worth Million Dollars? This near-mint Coke bottle from 1992 was sold in 2020 for over $1,500. This bottle of COKE has never been opened and it is probably from the late 50's, early 60's. It is a 'Return For Refund' bottle. On the antique bottle forums, there was some debate over whether this bottle was genuinely worth the $6,500 it was priced at but regardless, it sold! . Here are the 8 rarest Coke bottles that collectors can buy. First of all, it was in mint condition, meaning it had no scratches or cracks, essentially brand-new. Its value also comes from its preservation over the years as its still in perfect condition. Because of that, one Coca-Cola ACL bottle from Thailand made in 1973 was sold for $3,350 in 2020. This bottle was sold at auction on April 14, 2019. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Theres no shortage of them! It gained its nickname from its renewal date, which coincidentally fell on Dec. 25, 1923. According to the auction house Morphy Auctions, some vintage Coca-Cola bottles from the early 1910s can be worth around $100,000-150,000. 1 pint 10 ounce. According to the auction house Morphy Auctions, some vintage Coca-Cola . As one of two test bottles left in existence, its the rarest and most expensive sold in 2011, eight years before thesecond prototype. Several companies participated and submitted their designs with actual prototypes, but the winner was Earl R. Dean from the Root Glass Company. It made an astonishing $2,500. If you only want it as a keepsake, you may not mind a dent or damage, but if you intend to recycle the bottle by using it for something else, the excellent condition should be your priority. This bottle attracted such high value because it embodied most of the value appreciating factors of antiques. This unopened version in great condition was sold via an online auction in 2021. This is one of the most popular online marketplaces, and it doesnt lack vintage Coca-Cola bottle sellers. Vintage Coca-Cola bottles that mark historical turning points for the household brand are worth thousands of dollars. By 1906, the company switched over to its more familiar-looking model. Bumper stickers (unused, of course . We are about to put it up for sale on Ebay but is it really worth $7,500? The statement differs by the date the bottle was manufactured: After this, you should check for an embossed date somewhere on the bottle. 46) indicating the production year, in this example, it would be 1946. The ACL process received its first major advancement in the 50s when the lehr was invented. It was unopened and in great condition. These bottles were only used for 7 years. On its own, an unopened Coke bottle from the 90s isnt too valuable. The bottles are full with liqour stamp seals on all of the . The placement of the Coca-Cola logo varied year to year. Prices are fickle, however. This Coke bottle was released in 1984, which was the Dallas Cowboys 25th season. It served over 40,000 customers on its opening day alone! This unopened bottle was sold for $29,900 on eBay in 2020. This Unopened 1974 Coca-Cola bottle sold on eBay in 2020. How do I figure out what it is worth? However, this was ultimately dismissed as a hoax. If the bottle is not opened, it will last for decades. A chip, crack, scratch, or any other damage would significantly depreciate its worth because thatll render it almost useless. Modified Prototype Bottle. Commemorating the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs National Championship, this unopened bottle is in great condition and is listed to sell at $950 on eBay at the time of writing. You might have such a treasure without even knowing it! 24. Vintage Coca-Cola Bottles Clear Bottle Old 16oz 10oz 1960's Canada Diamond LOT. I have an ancient coca-cola bottles, how can you buy? As with most antiques and collectibles, figuring out how much old bottles are worth relies greatly on the condition in which they are found. You might be surprised that a bottle from the 1990s could sell for that much, but it was explicitly manufactured to commemorate an important day for the American fast food industry. Nonetheless, its a great collectible item and in very good condition considering its age. We played together in 2001. The rarest Coke Bottle is this Root Glass Co. Straight-sided (S-S) Coke bottles with crown tops date about 1900-1919; colors were clear, aqua, green, blue, and amber with amber bottles in good condition typically bringing the highest prices. Its because back then, Coca-Cola bottle producers didnt use standardized manufacturing guidelines. How can you tell how old a bottle is? ), The 1982 Penny Value Chart (Most Valuable Penny Sold for $18,800), Most Valuable Antique and Vintage Vases: Identifying, Valuing and Buying (2023 Updated), A Detailed Outlook on the 2000 Sacagawea Dollar Value, Antique Floor Lamp: Identification, Valuation, And Buying Guide (2023 Updated). Its unknown how many such bottles exist, but only 3 are known, making it one of the rarest Coca-Cola bottles in the world. Regardless, were here to talk about the Coke sponsorship at the games, which included a commemorative Coke bottle sold in a tall cardboard box. Instead of spending money to wash the bottles and reapply custom labels -paper and molded they embossed the brands name on the bottle. 5. Before dying, Pemberton sold the Coke syrup to local soda shops to mix with carbonated water so that it could be served as a fountain drink. The Hutchinson Bottles were the first bottles commissioned by the Coca-Cola company after it left the hands of its original owner, Dr. John Pemberton, who died in 1888. Coca-Cola Root Glass Co. How old is the unopened Coca Cola bottle? For reference, see theunopened bottlesabove. Because the company made so many bottles, they arent as rare as youd expect. The first Coca-Cola bottles just have this charm that is difficult to describe. Coca-Cola bottles from the 1900s through 1970s could still be worth around $10-$30. What makes this 1974 Coca-Cola bottle special, aside from having the coke still in it, is that it claims to have a syringe inside. Furthermore, the condition of the bottle is very important for the price you can sell it at. I can get 12 year HH at BP for $70. To find these antique, unlabeled bottles unopened is a real find. It worked, but due to the nature of such a method, it was impossible to make the logo colorful. I have a Fox square Coke cola bottle I am trying to get appraisal on & plan to sell. In 1916, thehobble skirt14.5-ounces bottle entered the market and upgraded to the Georgian Green design in 1923 when it renewed its patent. Rumor has it theres a syringe stuck inside, but you cant verify that. The Morphy Auctions estimated that this bottle would sell for between $100,000 and $150,000. The image may be a little blurry, but this is a great example of a very old Coca-Cola bottle. Its the same old story its personal choice after you do your sums:) if you dont drink very much it's not worth it, if you do like several drinks during day and evening then price it per day and decide. The person who sold to Mr. Vergo lost $4,995 while he gained more from paying attention. So much did he love Star Wars that when Phantom Menace came out, he bought the character cans of Pepsi, and put them above his bed. Yes, this popular drink didnt always come in a bottle shaped like the figure 8, neither did it have a short height. In the 1970s, bottles of Coca-Cola still sold for a meager 5 cents. Smooth pontils, as suggested by their name, result in smooth bottle bases, and this style was popular from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Coca-Cola bottle collectors have learned the specifics of bottle design down to the minutest detail to assess their finds. Suppose you look closely at the list of the most valuable Coca-Cola bottles globally. Coca-Cola has known for over a century that the bottle can make or break the product. Wonder what they are worth? unopened bottles may have lost enough flavor and alcohol content to be considered past their prime after 40 or 50 years. See the picture below. Unlike the later models with the red color and sometimes paper labels, this bottle has the brands name embossed on the side. It used the already popularBiedenharn Hutchinsonbottle; however, it wasnt thefirstCoca-Cola bottle ever. It was in mint condition, so not every similar bottle can sell for that much, but theyre still some of the most expensive Coca-Cola bottles. eBay and Etsy are often good places to find Coca-Cola bottles for sale. Congrats to those with a few bottles in your collection. Printed with Property of Coca-Cola Bottling Co its a good example of what some early 1900s coke bottles looked like. How Much Are Rare Dr. Pepper Bottles Worth? To be honest, were not sure what they mean by this. In that case, you will notice a common theme of limited-editions (commemorative models) and rare antique/vintage designs like the late 19th century to early 20th century bottles. Overall, vintage Coke bottles arent worth a fortune because theyre often available in excess. In the 1970s, people became more aware that old coke bottles were valuable. Pat. Its the most popular soft drink in the world, and sells almost 2 million bottles every single day! Vintages that are more than 100 years old can still be purchased if you have the money. West Germany was established after Third Reich led by Adolf Hitler was defeated in World War II. Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle (2) $108,000, 1. I would love to get insight from a expert please get back to me. Coca-Cola Root Glass Co. Youd want this piece of history, and itll only cost you about $1,500. 1915 - made from about . However, thats going to end after you read this. Keep reading to discover the most valuable bottles and where to buy and sell them. We just happened to find a UIC coca cola bottle Lamar Colorado in a huge lot we just bought in mixed in with about 50 other old bottles in a garage sale. COKE COLLECTIBLE.. How much is a 1915 Coca Cola bottle worth? Records were not always kept and theres no single big database that you can use. Currently, there are nearly active 1,500 listings. Nonetheless, one buyer clearly though it was worth the money as this bottle sold in 2020. These bottles were only used for seven years. Not only did they open their first bottling operations in Poland and return to production in China for the first time in three decades, but they also debuted one of their most famous ad campaigns in 1971. This bottle was used instead of the custom-molded or paper labels, which had the labels built directly into the glass. Coke bottles are made to be used and thrown away. The oldest examples of this design come in 4 colors: In 1925, Coca-Cola decided to start producing only green bottles, but during World War II there was a shortage of copper which is necessary for green-colored glass, so there are some rare bottles from the 1940s that are blue. Although Wine Coca became a consumer favorite, the governments alcohol regulation in 1886 affected its production leading Pemberton to remake it into a non-alcoholic beverage. What did the First Coke Bottle Look Like? The 1923 Hobble skirt is slimmer than the 1915 patent, and the newer models have date codes on the bottom of the bottle. Statue of Liberty 125 th Anniversary Commemorative Bottle, 2011 Even Coke bottles around just a decade old can be worth big money. By 1929, the company phased out Cocaine from its ingredients, turning Coca-Cola into a legit soda beverage. I have a 19 with original liquid in it. How much is an original Coke bottle worth? It was manufactured in 1984, among other items like the Coca-Cola jacket and t-shirts. Whether youre the 80s or a 90s kid, theres a great chance that you used to own, Read More Boyds Bears Value (Rare One Worth More Than $100)Continue, Coin collectors have noticed the seemingly high value of the 2020 bat quarter. Dating Coca-Cola bottles can be a difficult task, but there are several tricks you can use to successfully indicate their age, especially the ones made after 1915 when Coca-Cola started bottling the drink in the contour bottle. I have several bottles need help to sell them, I have a original 1915 light green coc cola bottle how do I go about selling it. This means theres often a lot of guess work involved. The bottle was purchased from a Coke executive who had kept it in storage and placed it on eBay in 2020. For example, if you find LGW 28, it means the bottle was made by Laurens Glass Works in 1928. Incredibly rare 130-year-old Cola bottle is discovered after being bought for $5 at flea market. Sometimes it was embossed on the bottom, other times on the middle, and sometimes on the side of the bottle. Dallas Cowboys Coke (Limited-Edition) $5,000, 2. . 12 Most Expensive Restaurants in Philadelphia, 10 Most Expensive Camera Lenses You Can Ever Buy, Coca-Cola Root Glass Co. With most 1970s and more modern bottles, imprints on the glass will tell you a lot. The official page of Coca-Cola states that even some of the oldest bottles from the 1920s are not that valuable and wont bring you riches. I have a Coke bottle from Elizabeth City NC and one from Spartanburg SC. This bottle was made to support the campaign of launching the first McDonalds restaurant in China, celebrating the difficult feat of introducing western fast food to the sophisticated palates of Chinese people. Is there a market for glass bottles? The digits usually represent the year of manufacture for example if your bottle has a mold code '2A43' then it was manufactured in 1943. But surely not too intense or expensive. Nov. 16, 1915 Made between 1916 and 1928, Patd Dec. 25, 1923 Made between 1928 and 1938, Pat. When the metal stoppers came out, they made a loud popping sound. Bottle collectors of all sorts love such bottles, and Coca-Cola bottle collectors arent an exception. If you have several vintage Coke bottles hidden away thinking they will be worth something later you may be right. In 1993, Coca-Colas fiercest competitor Pepsi got involved in a huge scandal that it was putting syringes in its soda cans. What syringe is inside this coke bottle, we have no idea. The first McDonalds in mainland China opened in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. 1973 Coca-Cola ACL Bottle Thailand 29.5 cl. From the beginning, the advertisements in teen magazines and storefronts emphasized the unique curves of that shiny, instantly recognizable bottle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They must have swiped it for their own stash, but we wonder if they knew just how much it would be worth one day. Regular, . Craigallachie 13 is $49.99, Bunnahabiann 12yr is $61.99 and Deanston 12 yr is $63.99 none of these are "expensive" costing ,at the most, $24 more than Monkey Shoulders. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Coca-Cola did something special during the Summer Olympics in 1988 which were hosted by Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Do bubbles in glass mean it's old? All 3 are far, far, and away superior to MS! To find these antique, unlabeled bottles unopened is a real find. It used its game sponsorship, packaging the beloved American drink in a festive cardboard box. You can also see some damage to the surface of the bottle cap. If its the contour bottle, look for an embossed patent statement under the Coca-Cola logo. By 1906, Coca-Cola switched to a much more familiar-looking model, which was amber-colored with a triangular logo in the center. By 1915, thecompanys trustees challengedthe leading bottling companies in the USA to design an unmistakable bottle that even the blind could recognize, and the Root Glass Company rose to the occasion. The queen of stimulants! One of these Commemorative Coke bottles was sold at an auction in 2019 for $5,000. $999 Vintage Laos Coca-Cola bottle 295 m. $212 Super Rare vintage Clear White Arab. Coke bottles have been made for over a century in factories not just across the US but all over the world. By 1895, he had Coca-Cola being sold in every U.S. state. Theres also a helpful section on how to identify your coke bottles at the end, so you can find out if youre holding onto a vintage bottle or just some old junk. Considering Cola-Cola around that time period only cost around a nickel. This is pretty much the death of OE7. Maybe youre an Olympic afficionado and you know that Soviet Vladimir Artemov won 4 gold medals in gymnastics at these events. Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle, $108,000 (Credit: There are 2 known examples of this prototype bottle. Open pontils look like circular indentations in the base of the bottle, and they are popular on bottles made between the 1600s and the mid-1800s. 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Although the early 20th century contoured bottles are similar to the modern designs, theyre fatter and thicker. Vintage Red Plastic Coke/Coca-Cola KING SIZE (6) 10-12 oz. Some of the more rare versions could rake in $400. Coca-Cola used straight-side bottles between 1900 and 1920, and dating them is way trickier compared to contour bottles. Root to represent the Root Glass Company, while others have small numbers that are located on the base or neck of the bottle. Veteran collectorJohn Thom of Woodstock, Ga., has accumulated bottles from 1,200 of the 1,450 different towns he has identified that bottled Coca-Cola. However, very rare Hutchinson-style bottles in excellent condition can be worth as much as $4,000. In 2019, this bottle had a starting bid of $50,000 and was finally sold for $108,000. Experts appraised it after Mr. Vergo discovered the labeling and inner embossment and arrived at a whopping $5,000 value estimate. If youre interested in buying an antique coke bottle or think that you have a rare one lying around your house, there are several places we recommend to buy or sell old coke bottles. Vintage Coca-Cola 8 oz. ThisCoca-Cola Root Glass Co. The bottle has Olympic art on all the reverse sides. Coca-Cola is produced in numerous countries around the world, with the original US bottles being manufactured for well over a century.