HOWEVER. Is Michael Afton adopted? After pulling into the driveway, Ian and the girls got out and proceeded to enter the house. After entering the access code, Michael receives a chip from her upper armpit so that she can communicate with him after they have picked it up. Happs | He then enters a sequence of random numbers on a keyboard that opens out of Baby's left center faceplate. Dee Dee If you're looking for him by his real name - Michael Afton - look here. Michael's bullying worsened over the years, and came to a peak in 1983 when C.C desperately tried to warn him after accidentally seeing the death of Charlie Emily at their father's hands. Toy Chica | Lally | While Fazbears Fright: The Horror Attraction is being worked on, Michael takes a job there as a security guard, which doubles as him being a performer for the attraction. Comment who you would like to play as these characters in the FNaF Movie. Lizzy then picked up her phone and called Ian. After his physical death, Michael starts to live in the shadows due to his appearance and makes it his mission to find his father for reasons unknown. We should all run while we have time. Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Logbook,,,, There is a theory debate in the FNaF community that Michael Afton could've been the the Crying Child's older brother (the FNaF 4 bully) or the, In the story, Petes arm turns dark purple when his circulation was cut off, similar to how Michael turned into a dark purple corpse in, Pete has a habit of excessively chewing gum. The first being the protagonist of, Michael is the fifth character in the series to physically reveal part of his human appearance, with his silhouette being seen through the mirror along with purple eyes. Why Do You Need Immediate Help with Sewer Leaks? However, as the minigames progress, his skin gets progressively more rotten due to Ennard hiding in his body. SL is unknown but somewhere around FNaF 1, I like to think Michael was like 12-14 in FNaF 4s minigames, though its never specified. Official @WINGS O' FIRE cereal, If Ballora is Mrs. Afton, does that make Molten Freddy Michael's mom , What if Freddy was the night guard And we played as him And the other 4 animatronics are night guards to And we have to survive against Michael Afton And if Michael Afton jumpscares you get stuffed Out of your suit Or Michael Afton might jumpscare a different animatronic. Michael AftonCC Afton is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Before his reveal as Michael, some people believed that the brother is Phone Guy, due to Phone Guy being nervous, working at the pizzeria for a very long time, knowing about the springlock suits and his favorite animatronic being Foxy (the brother wears a Foxy mask). He spends a sixth night which earns him $120.50. Twisted Animatronics They fought over the same baby, and he is the oldest of the three. Can it not wait until I get home?". The sound of Michael running in Funtime Auditorium and Ballora Gallery. He is the only protagonist in the series that is a technician. He is a massive fan of K-Pop girl group LOONA, who attended his fatal ninth birthday. Ive tried to understand but the lore seems to be merged with theories and confusing. My guess is that in 1983 he's 16. His dead body is shown in the Help Wanted Game Over. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! The actress is the oldest of the three children. DIY Video Tutorial. Enraged at the insinuation against his role model and only parent, Michael put C.C through a week of torture- mostly involving his debilitating fear of the animatronics at Fredbear's Family Diner. Now back to our main cast. His daughter, Elizabeth, was born six years ago. Recurring On Night 1, Michael got a job as a technician at Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, and HandUnit greets him. Springtrap | 8-Bit Baby | Twisted Wolf Afton met Henry Emily before the events in Help Wanted. Top Five People Search Sites: A Complete Review, AssignmentCore: Pay Experts to Do Your Programming Homework, What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyers Qualifications, Why is it important to monitor your blood pressure at home, Health implications when traveling abroad for the elderly, Considering an FLR? Human His father, William Afton, is the co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment. It also reveals that his favorite TV character is Clara from the, Michael actually prefers a basket of cash instead of, The Survival Logbook heavily implies that Mike Schmidt and Michael Afton are the same person, as the owner of the logbook also named "Mike" draws the casual bongos, exotic butters, and the soap opera The Immortal and the Restless from Sister Location, only things Michael would know, it was asked "List ten reasons why applying for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza seemed like a good idea at the time? Head trauma after his skull was accidentally crushed by FredbearCaused by Michael Afton Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! ),, Tales from the Underground Pt. It is revealed on Night 5 that he is the child's older brother. Michael Afton is one of the main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, serving as the main protagonist of the ScottGames era of the games. Gray-blue The actors mother was named Elizabeth and his father is named William. Li'l Music Man | He married Barbara Afton in 1964 and had 11 children. But I'm not. The nightmares take place in Evan's bedroom from 1983. Franken-Foxy | Animatronics I found it. Humans Eyes The possessed Y/n was a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. But something is wrong with me. As of September 2013, Michael Afton is 37 years old. But as Ian was driving Lizzy, who was in the front seat, fell asleep. He was born in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania. POPGOES, Disambiguation pages In SL, which takes pleace in 1995 and he'd be 25. As for his age, he was born in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania. Soon after, Springtrap appears and the screen goes black. This suggests this screen is non-canon, or that Fazbear Entertainment photoshopped Schimdt's eyes from his employment photograph to cut costs. He also seems to have a cultured taste in entertainment, as he enjoys watching soap operas and dramas on television, such as "The Immortal and Restless", as he spent nearly every night watching the program and even made popcorn for the event. As well as this, other reasons included unprofessionalism, and odor. Puhuhuhu! Freddy Frostbear Grimm Foxy | Michael Afton (or simply Mike) is the deuteragonist of the 1997 animated film, Five Nights at Freddy's 4, one of the protagonists of its 1997 animated follow-up TV show, The Golden Years, and the main protagonist of the 2000 and 2009 animated sequel films, Sister Location and Freakshow, respectively. "Well uh, I'm currently driving away from a madman and I have Veronica, Lizzy, and her brothers in my car. His pants have also changed from a vivid blue to a dull teal color. In 6, he would be the same age as 3, since 6 and 3 take place in the same year. He worked many shifts at Freddy Fazbear locations, such as his first job at JR's (FNaF 2 location). Mega Brow | C.C. As the youngest child, he was babied relentlessly by his mother until her death in 1980, when he was six years old. Nightmare Balloon Boy | The One You Should Not Have Killed | In the last cutscene, he is hunched over, missing his nose, and his skin is a dark purple color. I don't know exactly if any of these characters are confirmed to be in the movie, I just picked iconic ones. Happy Birthday, Michael Michael Afton! Ennard climbs into Michaels body and uses it as a disguise for a week until his body becomes too suspicious as it begins to rot and decay. ", "Yes Ian, that would be nice." As of September 2013, Michael Afton is 37 years old. He is dressed in a black shirt with white stripes and has a brown hair and hazel eyes. Should the 8-bit fnaf characters get plushies? Other In the television series, Terrence is the deuteragonist. Crying Child: He killed me and made me cry. Security Breach: Fury's Rage As such, it is impossible to determine the exact date of birth for Afton. In FNaF 4, the Game Over screen is the same thing as the previous game, but a bit of a blood spatter is added. Chica Defense Network | The insides of his suits show no remaining heart organ, just a face, and some lungs. "Dad's lost it. I am not showing it because I plan to make it into a YouTube video, same as my last theory. Foxy the Pirate | After the burning of Fazbears Fright, Michael finds a job as an entrepreneur for a new location called Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place. But, as he checked on the funny robots, he noticed that one of them was missing. The minigames happen in 1983, but the nights happen in 1993 due to them being nightmares he has during 1. However, some believe that the person on the couch isn't Michael at all, but is rather Mrs. Afton. Contents 1 Description 1.1 Girl 1.1.1 Susie Funtime Animatronics Lizzy called for Evan and he came running to her. We know that Michael Afton had been residing in Saint Louis, Saint Louis County, Missouri 63126. One Night at Flumpty's | She's free now. Circus Baby | He is shown to be a friendly and popular person, as all of his neighbors happily wave to him in the end-of-night minigames. His sister is often his sole defender from near-constant bullying, but even she tires of his constant tears and panic. S. Cotton | Michael Afton's Friends | Ok so does sister location come before or after Fnaf 1, Its very complicated with everything. Toy Animatronics That's all for now I guess. Will doesn't even have a heart at this point and I can only presume he cleaned out his original remains from the suit and made fake ones. Glitchtrap | William was still 31 (because of floating timelines) and his wife was 30 when she died. VR Sisters | Patient 46 Afton has three children, who were born in Corsica, Pennsylvania. November 15th, 1983 (age 9) Michael, like many people in the series, potentially seeks revenge against William for everything he had done, as he stated that the only purpose he had left in life is to "come find him". Did he get killed on purpose to let Elizabeth escape or something? Infected S.T.A.F.F. It is most likely that Steel Wool did not consider this when creating the game over room, alternatively, the developers photoshopped Schmidt's eyes from his file photo (that should exist as part of Fazbear Entertainment paperwork records) to cut costs. This is further shown in the non-canonical Fake Ending, when Ennard breaks into his house. Henry Emily, William's old business partner, was actually the mastermind behind it all. We've established that. Aftons younger son is a prankster, and he is nicknamed Eggs Benedict because his HandUnits keyboard has malfunctioned. Not what you were looking for? Purple Guy. See Afton (disambiguation) or Mike (disambiguation). I should be dead. She then instructs him to return to the Funtime Auditorium and follow her instructions. Your attic may be under-insulated how to be sure about this? Status ", It is theorized that Michael is the protagonist in FNaF 3, and FNaF 2 (as Fritz Smith), as implied by, Michael is one of the only human characters in the series seen outside of minigame cutscenes with the other being, It's implied by the creator Scott Cawthon that Michael will be the protagonist of the upcoming, Michael Afton, along with the novel version of. Her death caused him to seek more validation from William as his only remaining parent, though William didn't really seem to notice or care. Animatronics Music Man | Throughout the nights, he accomplishes the tasks the job requires him to, though eventually it is revealed his father sent him to the facility to find his sister . He speaks in a rather gentle, yet brooding tone of voice, in stark contrast to his father's more sinister tone of speaking. During the fake ending, Michael is the third protagonist in the series to be fired, following Mike Schmidt from the first game, and Fritz Smith from the second game. Daycare Attendant | Michael Aftons parents were William Afton and Rosemary BACIUSKA. Michael Afton: Older Brother 60+ Mrs Afton ( Age Not Known but here is the range that is possible.) During Evan's final moments, Michael apologized to Evan for his actions. Elizabeth Afton is a middle child and dies in the circus Baby. This is seen further in the book when asked in the form of a question what he would like for his end of week bonus he circles the money basket with emphasis meaning Michael values money and could be a very materialistic person. There are countless fans who want to know. His naturally inquisitive and intelligent nature led to him outgrowing the red and blue Afton "uniform" overalls and circular cheek blushes much earlier than his family members. He then proceeded to grab Lizzy's arm and drag her outside. His appearance in the mirror in the "real" ending appears to be a blacked-out image of Rick Astley from his 1987 music video "Never Gonna Give You Up". The fire kills Michael and Henry. I did it. In FNAF 2, which takes place in 1987, he would be 20. Terrence Afton is the older brother of Christopher Afton and a deuteragonist in the Five Nights at Freddys video game franchise. "Now dad was taking this stuff called Remnant to keep himself alive. Michael Afton seems to be fixing the mistakes that his father, William Afton, made. Upon closer examination, the first three lines spoken in the Night 6 minigame, where the child passes on, are highlighted in grey text, revealing it is Michael at the child's bedside apologizing. He's not the same anymore. Michaels hollow body falls onto the sidewalk but stands back up, now having Michael possessing the horrific empty body. He may also be annoyed by incompetence, as in the logbook, he shows frustration that he is the only one fazed by the unsettling occurrences in his job. According to a theory about the anime cutscenes in, In one of these cutscenes, the Bear notes that the Fox enjoys watching TV, the ", The masks that Michael and his friends wear, are possibly the same masks that the player can wear in a level of. The other daughter is Elizabeth Afton. Michael's amusement at his younger brother's terror quickly soured as Fredbear bit down, crushing C.C's skull and splattering the birthday crowd in blood. His shoes, along with all of his other apparel, are missing apart from his pants, which have not changed since the previous cutscene. He is voiced by Erik Von Detten. Due to her sheltering of him from both the outside world and his father's ill temper, he was utterly shell-shocked in the wake of her passing. He also seems to enjoy snacking on food, which is shown later on in the book, where he expresses that eating increases his happiness. It's not like he was tied up or anything, so what gives? Kids at Play | Daycare Attendant | Scott Cawthon later confirmed that this was for dramatic effect. Recurring Mike just nodded and went to tell Veronica. Then two technicians enter the building and send Ballora to the Scooping Room, where Michael is located. Orville Elephant He is named after famous baseball player with the same name, He is the first human character to be named. In FNAF 1, which takes place in 1993, he would be 26. Michael passed away on October 3 2013, at age 70. One-Shot Martin Copper | On THREE! Create a sustainable ecosystem by using solar roof panels! Mother He married Barbara Afton in 1964. It's implied in the book that Michael is an extremely hard worker who is desperate for cash in order to make ends meet, which is why it's also stated that Michael desires to take a tropical vacation. Vanessa A. Afton, whose real name is [REDACTED], is a major character in BlueyCapsules. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy. Nick hopped into the car as Ian sped off. [REDACTED] Afton Evan asked him a question and dad punched him in the face." His favorite member is Go-Won. Not only that, but the victims of the Missing Children Incident are confirmed to be very young. The Blackbird | He then manages to get to the Breaker Room, where he reboots all systems while playing audio to keep Funtime Freddy at bay. The actor was born on 23 February 1915. Because the temperature got too high, the remnant's hold was weakened enough for Mike to lose consciousness. The dreams feature nightmarish versions of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, Shadow Freddy and Balloon Boy. Michael arrives at Parts and Service, where he performs a repair on Funtime Freddy and traps Bon Bon to get Freddy's second power module. Mike Schmidt is the security guard who works the night shift. Michael Afton is the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 night 5, and possibly more, protagonist, as seen when he draws Nightmare Fredbear in the logbook under the "recent dreams" page. It's seen in the book that Michael has a very bad habit of chewing bubble gum, implying that he is a very anxious person who gets quite stressed at times, but to his credit, Michael states that he wants to get this habit under control, showing a need to better himself. Mostafizur. Scraptrap | 1 (Re-upload). Orange Guy | I've been living in shadows. I'm going to come find you. Ballora | The FNaF Wiki lists Aftons age as between thirty-five and forty-four years old. Once, in the Real Ending, he is shown as a shadowy figure, and in the other in the Custom Night minigames, where he is shown walking down the street and has brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, a purple shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. Which is what he canonically admits to doing in the games before fnaf 6, not take any action. However, he doesnt share the affection of his parents. Molten Freddy Foxy the Pirate Other While he is generally a heroic character in his adult appearances, he also appeared as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which takes place in his teenage years.Here, he is the Crying Child's emotionally abusive older . He worked from the 7th to the 14th of November 1993. The Man Behind The Slaughter How did Michael Afton die?-----We believe that education is essential for every people. Dunno why, he just kinda has the personality of someone around those ages. It's almost as if a spell was cast over the car so that no one could talk about the incident. The player then hears Circus Baby's voice repeating "you won't die", and he then rises in an unnatural manner while the regurgitated animatronic eyes show up in the sewer. Weight Ice Freddy | Michael successfully electrocutes Ballora and Funtime Foxy, but couldn't do the same to Circus Baby, since she wasn't on her stage. The couple married in 1964 and had 11 children. He also seemed happy when saying that Elizabeth was "free now", further showing his affection for her. T. hey slept there for a little while and in the morning after they'd eaten breakfast, they heard reports of a murder that happened inside that hotel. His nickname "Nightmare Foxy" is believed to represent him. Michael's First Death. He is shown to have an artistic talent in The Logbook as he is good at drawing. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. The people around him wave cheerfully. His appearance in the mirror in the "real" ending appears to be a blacked-out image of Rick Astley from his infamous 1987 music video "Never Gonna Give You Up".