TheShipsList website, online since August 1999, will help you find your ancestors on ships' passenger lists.We also have immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists and more; as well as hundreds of passenger lists to Canada, USA, Australia and even some for South These sources may be passenger lists, permissions to emigrate, or records of passports issued. The data in these records is only as reliable as the person who gave the information; the spelling depended on the recorder. The Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij Company was founded 1871 as Plate, Reuchlin & Company in Rotterdam. reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by Ship Time 12 September, 1871 SS Maas 17 May, 1899 Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. Ship Arnold Boninger 3 May Most have a Dutch passport and the majority have been successfully integrated into Dutch society.[7]. 1727 The passenger's name is included, along with various details of passage arrangements, fees, etc. Nederland, passagierslijsten van de Holland-Amerika Lijn Steamship, You can browse through images in this collection using the waypoints on the Collection Browse Page for, This collection does not have a searchable index. They immigrated from the Sneek area of the Friesland province in the Netherlands. Most of these passengers were from Zurich and nearby Swiss towns. Ship Albany 4 September Use this link to donate with Paypal (no fee to you for using this link) Tickets could be bought for the train to Rotterdam, the boat to America, and again the train to every station in the new world." Holland-America Passagiersstaten All rights reserved Ben Ykema married Jennie Nagel in 1910 in Pease, Minnesota. SS Edam 12 November In 1948 Rotterdam Lloyd and Nederland S.S. Co. formed the Nedlloyd Line to operate services from the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf, India and Pakistan. Today, people of non-Western origin make up approximately one-third of the population of Amsterdam, and more than 50% of the city' s children. Many of these migrants came from the agricultural sector, but there were also large numbers of skilled labourers and professionals, as well as war brides. Passenger lists are available for the following . reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by anyone without the express written consent of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild LLC. Ship James Goodwill 11 September, 1729 All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means SS P. Caland 1 April which include use of any spider, robot, retrieval application or any device All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means Internal self governance was granted in 1954 and full independence in 1975. On 5 June, they arrived by train to their final destination, the city of Pitrufqun, located south of Temuco, near the hamlet of Donguil. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. The first was from the late 1880s to 1914. This collection is being published as images become available. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Brazil was the only nation to allow the arrival of large groups of Catholics. Between 7 February 1907 and 18 February 1909, it is estimated that about 3,000 Boers (Dutch farmers from South Africa) arrived in Chile. ISTG NOTICE: These electronic pages are Copyright 1998-2023 and may NOT be Some of the earliest Dutch settlers in Canada were United Empire Loyalists who fled to the Canadian colonies during the American Revolution. Ship E. Bulkley 4 February Emigration, as will be readily understood, is most intimately connected with the economic state of European countries and of the nations to which the emigrants are going. With the independence of Indonesia in 1949 trade with this area gradually declined and the later advent of popular air travel, spelt the end of passenger ships. 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272-6272, Immigrant Records at the National Archives, A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List Annotations, How to File a FOIA Request for Archival Records. In the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), the Dutch heavily interacted with the indigenous population, and as European women were almost non-existent, many Dutchmen married native women. Delaware, Rotterdam, Netherlands. For more information, see the "Notarial Records" section. Superior 1848 Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana. Another group of Dutchmen arrived shortly after to Talcahuano, in the "Oravi" and the "Orissa". Overseas emigration of the Dutch started around the 16th century, beginning a Dutch colonial empire. URL: 1 A Procession of Immigrant Ships: 1750: Alderney: The Alderney (504 tons) was loaded up from a dock near London and got away from Gravesend, it is estimated, June 23rd, 1750. to retrieve any portion of the site. 525 first class, 515 second class, and 2,400 third class passengers. All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means For the period before 1812, look at notarial records of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other harbor towns such as Dordrecht. MS Rotterdam is a Pinnacle-class cruise ship operated by Holland America Line (HAL), a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation.Originally named Ryndam in development, she was renamed Rotterdam in July 2020 during construction to honor the name's legacy in the cruise line's history after six previous vessels in HAL's fleet bore the name.Rotterdam is the third of HAL's Pinnacle class in the fleet . Europa 20 November, 1747 SS Rotterdam 15 January Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maria & Adriana 24 February, 1880 Prospective employees had to be married Dutch citizens, considered "of good character" by the Company, and had to commit to spending at least twenty years on the African continent. The sailing time for crossing the Atlantic from England to Philadelphia was from eight to sixteen weeks! Port of Rotterdam Vondeling is located in Netherlands at 51.893N, 4.3422E. Passenger lists for the Holland-America Line (Holland Amerika Lijn) which transported numerous refugees from war-torn Europe to the United States prior to 1941. If you still can't find your ancestor in free ships passenger lists, try ships on NARA microfilm, Castle The emigration from the Netherlands to Chile was in 1895. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Minutes of the Provincial Council, 1727-1736, PHMC Collections Management Policy Standards, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access Policy. Includes online indexes, microfilm (with National Archives and Family History Library Catalog numbers), and books. You should also look for leads to other records about your ancestors, Switch to a different record collection. Ship Thistle 29 August An individual being transported may be found on one or all of the three lists. She was launched by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands in a gala ceremony on 13 September 1958, and was completed the following summer. Ship William and Sarah 18 September The FamilySearch moderator for The Netherlands is Daniel Jones. These records are written in Dutch. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Save a copy of the image or transcribe the information. "Dutch Genealogy and Family History", at Library and Archives Canada. Ship James Goodwill 30 September If you are using emigration/immigration records to find the name of your ancestors' town in Italy, see Netherlands Finding Town of Origin for additional research strategies. Ship (Pink) John & William 17 October, 1741 This may require viewing multiple records or images. Ships Passenger Lists to USA by Year of Arrival, Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery by Lorine McGinnis Schulze, Organize Your Genealogy in Evernote in 10 Easy Steps, Immigration (Ships Passenger Lists, Naturalization, etc), Ships Passenger Lists John Campbell Bremen to New Orleans 1847/48. Keep track of your research in a research log. It is estimated that as many as 50,000 Chileans are of Dutch descent, most of them located in Malleco, Gorbea, Pitrufqun, Faja Maisan and around Temuco. "Dutch Colonization of the Americas", in Wikipedia. Later, there were three major periods of Dutch immigration to Canada. which include use of any spider, robot, retrieval application or any device The 9,177-ton Dutch ship S.S. Waterman, carrying 800 emigrants, including 312 Hungarian refugees to Canada , collided with the Italian ship S.S. Many additional sources are listed in the FamilySearch catalog: This website requires a paid subscription for full access. Since the late nineteenth century, the term. Ship Loyall Judith 25 September This can help you identify other generations of your family. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Try variations of your ancestors name while searching the index or browsing through images. Also see the Boston Passenger Lists link above. reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by This created a new group of people, the Dutch-Eurasians also known as 'Indos' or 'Indo-Europeans'. She was built in 1922 by Harland & Wolff Ltd, in Govan, Glasgow.Her 15,450 GRT sister ship TSS Veendam was built by Harland & Wolff the following year. During World War II the European colonies in South East Asia, including the Dutch East Indies, were invaded and annexed by the Japanese Empire. The Cape of Good Hope was first settled by Europeans under the auspices of the Dutch East India Company, which established a station there in 1652 to provide its outward bound fleets with fresh provisions. The population of people of Dutch descent today in Canada is approximately one million.[5]. Last edited on 15 September 2022, at 10:53, Netherlands Passenger Lists Holland-America Line, 1900-1974, Restrictions for Viewing Images in FamilySearch Historical Record Collections, Netherlands, Passenger Lists Holland-America Line, 1900-1974, Many of these migrants were from the United States. Indo influence waned following World War I and the opening of the Suez Canal, when there was a substantial influx of white Dutch families. If you don't find your immigrant ancestor in a large port city, try smaller This page was last edited on 15 September 2022, at 10:53. SS Amsterdam 6 July The first Dutch settlers arrived in the New World in 1614 and built a number of settlements around the mouth of the Hudson River, establishing the colony of, For greater detail on locations of early Dutch forts and settlements, early Dutch governments, and the Anglo-Dutch Wars that transferred New Netherland to British control, see, In the 16th and 17th century, non-Dutch immigrants to Amsterdam were mostly, The first mass immigration in the 20th century was by people from, After the independence of Suriname in 1975, a large wave of, In the 1970s and 1980s, many 'old' Amsterdammers moved to '. The information in these records may include the emigrants names, ages, occupations, destinations, and places of origin or birthplaces. Microfilm copies of the original lists are available (3 rolls). passenger lists to USA, Immigration During the 1620s, Jan Pieterszoon Coen in particular insisted that. This collection consists of passenger lists 1900 to 1974 for the Holland-America Line (Holland Amerika Lijn), which transported numerous refugees from war-torn Europe to the United States prior to 1941. The ships left from Rotterdam, Netherlands. In addition, family Wennekool which inaugurated the Dutch colonization of Villarrica. Copyright 1996-presentThese pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my written consent. Ship Mary 26 September Additional online sources unique to each country of destination are listed below. The Holland America Line had offices [in] Bulgaria, Latvia and Russia. [6], The choice of becoming Surinamese or Dutch citizens in the years leading up to Suriname's independence in 1975 led to a mass migration to the Netherlands. The Patience was consistently called a "ship" in the customs records, a term that referred to a specific type of rig in the 18 th century - originally a three-master with a course, topsail, and topgallant sail on the fore and mainmasts and a lateen sail and square topsail on the mizzenmast. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965. "B" lists are Click here for a list of known issues with this collection. Passenger lists are available from 3 May 1900 through 14 October 1974. 1730 Ship Thistle 29 August & Ships Passenger Lists Mailing Lists, Find Immigration & Naturalization Records, Census Records for 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, Search Ships Passenger Lists on other Sites. There are three sets of passenger lists: The In the same period Egbert Hageman arrived in Chile. One option is to look for records about your ancestors in the, Records of Dutch Emigrants in Their Destination Nations, Dutch Genealogy and Family History, Library and Archives Canada. Dutch emigration to Canada peaked between 1951 and 1953, when an average of 20,000 people per year made the crossing. During this time, there was a high demand for labour in the farming, industrial, construction and domestic sectors. Available now on and, ..Ships Passenger Lists to USA 1849-1850 continued, Step 2: Compile the entries for every person who has the same surname; this is especially helpful in rural areas or if the surname is unusual.