About the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum

Sustainable Business Leadership Forum (SBLF) is an invitation-only Indian industry focused market development platform which  equips organizations, managers and industry stakeholders on the ‘how’ of sustainability through a unique programmatic approach comprising of round the year programs and ‘on-ground industry oriented’ work.

Instituted by Sustainability Outlook, the leading information marketplace on sustainability action, SBLF enables a unique exchange of thought leadership, business know-how and catalytic tools for enabling corporate transition towards sustainable business practices.

Based on membership inputs and requests for focused research, the Forum facilitates creation of Industry Task Forces guided by industry catalysts and corporates to help enable:

  • Insight into emerging drivers on Resource Conservation and preparing firms for a value oriented  response to the same
  • Identification and analysis of adoption challenges for firms and defining appropriate markets, resources and business case for undertaking the sustainability interventions
  • Shaping innovative business models and consumer marketing strategies to create brand equity and tap into newer markets
  • Enabling dialog, insight and action on capacity enablement of the sustainability ecosystem

The task forces are currently pursuing topical research in the areas of:

1. Resource Efficiency and Management with focus on Working with utilities for catalyzing demand side management initiatives for promoting energy efficiency practices Shaping Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems for Industrial and Rural energy usage

2. Sustainability Disclosure and Reporting with specific focus on pathways to leverage policy initiatives such as the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business

3. Sustainable Consumption with specific focus on e-waste management in the consumer electronics segment

The Forum members are empowered through regular updates, research reports and issue briefs on key drivers, policy mandates and emerging market opportunities impacting the sustainability agenda. In addition, the Forum convenes several industry interaction sessions including its flagship annual summit where members have an opportunity to engage with each other as also other key stakeholders on sustainability challenges, best practices and innovation.

Companies wishing to join the Forum may request an invitation to membership by writing to info@sustainabilityoutlook.in

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