Recent Releases and Initiatives

Recent Releases

Cracking the Conundrum: An investor and policy view to leverage standardization of Environmental and Social disclosure and reporting

Standardized environmental and social (E&S) disclosure will only have value if a critical mass of businesses adopt it; businesses will adopt a standard, only if initiatives by investors or policy makers drive them to it . This paper details how investors, investing in India, can crack the conundrum to drive standardized E&S disclosure by businesses, which will lead to incremental capital flow. To obtain a copy, write to

Landscape Paper on Environmental and Social Performance Disclosure and Reporting

This paper lays out the landscape for Environmental and Social (E&S) performance disclosure and reporting in India; with the goal of informing finance+ investors, policy makers and the multi- stakeholder led initiatives, on the complementarities and gaps that exists between them if they were to seek a standardized E&S performance and disclosure framework. To obtain a copy, write to

Creating a Green Collar Workforce in India: Building careers and industry capacity in environmental sustainability>

This aim of this study was to identify the skills gaps that need to be addressed to leverage opportunity presented to the Indian industry through the transition to a low carbon economy. Overall the study aims to present a review and analysis of the knowledge enhancements and training ecosystem required to shape appropriate talent and manpower for corporates and their extended value chains as they incorporate and imbibe sustainability interventions in their operations. To obtain a copy, write to

Issue briefing in context of SEBI mandating Business Responsibility reporting

This briefing on Preparedness of Indian Public Equities for leveraging Business Responsibility (ESG) Disclosure and Reporting presents an insight into the current policy framework in India related to Business Responsibility reporting, especially the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business and elucidates the need and drivers for business sustainability reporting. To obtain a copy, write to

March to Sustainability 2011

The report March to Sustainability was released for professionals working in the textile sector looking to keep themselves abreast with recent phenomena that are shaping the future of the textile industry: Sustainability actions across the supply chain. This edition of the report, looks at aspects of sustainability that concerns the textile supply chain from raw material all the way to the point that it is converted to finished product. To obtain a copy, write to

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