2012 Summit Highlights

Theme: Moving from operating defensively to capturing advantage

The 2012 Annual Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum, held in New Delhi on October 11, 2012, featured close to 250 business and sustainability leaders from over 200 innovative and thought leader organizations from across 12 industrial sectors actively engaged in imbibing resource sustainability measures in their operations.

The 2012 Annual Summit “Moving from operating defensively to capturing advantage” focused exclusively on the near-term compliance needs faced by Indian corporates and identified ways in which responses to these needs can be shaped to usher in strategic change and unlock new value for the firms. 
The summit was uniquely structured to catalyze the transition of businesses and help firms emerge stronger, leaner and more relevant in the emerging market landscape. The summit assisted firms address questions like:
  • How would the upcoming compliance requirements affect Indian businesses in the short and long term?
  • Can compliance be turned into an opportunity? Where is the hidden / latent opportunity in the upcoming compliance obligations?
  • Who pays for the sustainability interventions and how do firms recover on their investments?
  • Does the anticipated change need a whole systemic revamp to drive the change or can innovative rethinking of business strategy help shape both business and environmental sustainability?
  • What should be the organizational design for making a company’s operations sustainable?
  • What role do (or would) consumers play in influencing the sustainability decisions for businesses?
  • What is (and will be) the role of non-financial metrics in measuring business performance? How can such disclosure be leveraged by the firms?
The summit attendees benefited through a comprehensive insight into the hot spots emerging from the compliance requirements and business disruption potential as also in forming connects with innovative technology, finance and solution providers through targeted sessions and one-to-one meetings.
Snapshot of the participants in Annual Summit 2012:
Total participants: 230+
Number of Participating Organizations: 200+
No of CXOs who attended: 100+ 

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