About Annual Summit 2013

October 17, 2013       Shangri-la Eros Hotel
19 Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001
Theme: Rethinking Consumption: Transforming corporate strategy to shape Sustainable Brands
The 2013 Annual Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum, held in Shangri-la Eros Hotel , New Delhi on October 17, 2013 convened more than 230 corporates, catalyst organizations and other stakeholders, to discuss the need, strategies, pathways and most essentially, the business case for making the transition for shaping sustainable corporate brands.
With the growing resource constraints and sustainability challenges, increasingly there is a need for corporates to act as transformation agents and shape their corporate brands for creating sustainable products and services while generating good business.
In order to move from the traditional corporate thinking towards building sustainable brands, corporates need to internalize the need for sustainability throughout their organization as well as in manner in which they engage their customers.
The summit assisted firms in addressing questions like:
  • What is the business case for Indian corporates to rethink their strategy in order to shape sustainable brands?
  • Is there a demand by consumers for sustainable products and services?
  • What magnitude of investments would be required for operationalizing such strategic change in order to build a sustainable brand?
  • What kind of innovative business models are being employed by companies while instilling sustainability into their organizational core?
Snapshot of the participants in Annual Summit 2013:
Total participants: 230+
Number of Participating Organizations: 190+
No of CXOs who attended: 130+