Conversation Snippets from the 2014 Summit

Snapshot of 4th Annual Sustainability Business Leadership Forum Summit, 2014

A glimpse into the 4th Annual SBLF Summit held in October, 2014, New Delhi. Union Railway Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhu and National Convener of the BJP Energy Cell, Shri Narendra Taneja were among the distinguished guests.

Corporate representatives included some of the biggest names in Indian business like Hindustan Coca Cola, ACC, DHL, Mahindra & Mahindra, etc.

The key themes revolved around Building Smart Cities, Developing Sustainable Logistics, Recognizing Water as a Business Risk and ESG Disclosure in India

Snippets of conversations with some of the 2014 summit participants

  Views on
Suresh Prabhu,Union Cabinet Minister Policy, Strategy
Deepak Gupta, Former Secretary, MNRE Renewables, Policy, Strategy, Innovation
Rajendra Shende, Former Director, UNEP Market Development, Innovation
Samit Jain, Pluss Polymers Innovative phase change materials, Energy management
Shreyaskar Chaudhary, PratibhaSyntex Operations, Organization culture
Madhav Pai, Embarq Smart Cities, Smart transport
Navneet Munot, SBI Mutual Funds Environmental Disclosure, ESG reporting, Investment evaluation
Aparna Khandelwal, Sustainability Outlook Market development, Sustainability future
Amit Saha, Hindustan Coca-Cola Water strategy, Business risk
Chavvi Rajawat, Sarpanch- Village Soda (Rajasthan) Innovation, Market development
Dr. Yogendra Saxena, Tata Power Industry outlook, Sustainability future
Beroz Gazdar, Mahindra & Mahindra Corporate culture, Mainstreaming Sustainability
Roselin Dey, Sustainability Outlook Innovation, Sustainability Future
Abhishekh Joshi, DHL Logistics and operations
Tushar Dave, ACC Ltd Logistics and operations
Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi, Mahindra Sanyo Mainstreaming Sustainability
Neha Kumar, GIZ Sustainable finance, ESG disclosure, Investors
Vilas P. Kulkarni, Kirloskar Oil Engines Mainstreaming Sustainability
Radha Mohan, Reckitt Benckiser Sustainability future
Murali H.R, Namma Cycles Innovation, Sustainable transport
Shekhar Nori, Skyshade Daylights Innovation, Sustainability future
Pranab Mondal, Essar Steel Energy management, Steel industry

View the conversations

In conversation with Suresh Prabhu, Union Cabinet Minister

Suresh Prabhu, Union Cabinet Minister of Railways, talks about the biggest challenge for attaining sustainability in his opinion

In conversation with Deepak Gupta, Former Secretary, MNRE

Deepak Gupta talks about the challenges facing sustainability in India today

In conversation with Rajendra Shende, FormerDirector, UNEP

Rajendra Shende, Grand Jury Member of the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards shares his thoughts about the 4th SBLF Summit and his experience of being a Jury Member for the Parivartan Awards 2014

In conversation with Pluss Polymers

Samit Jain talks about what Pluss Polymers' innovative Phase Change Materials for better energy management.

In conversation with Shreyaskar Chaudhary,PratibhaSyntex

Shreyaskar Chaudhary, Managing Director of PratibhaSyntex talks about Sustainability in their operations.

In conversation with MadhavPai, Embarq

MadhavPai of Embarq India shares his thoughts on what a 'Smart City' means to him, what 'smart transport' systems entail and the industries that hold the key to unlocking Sustainable Smart Cities in India

In conversation with Aparna Khandelwal, Organizing Team Member of the SBLF Summit

Aparna Khandelwal of Sustainability Outlook talks about the themes of the 4th Annual SBLF Summit and how the summit has evolved over the years

In conversation with Amit Saha, Hindustan Coca-Cola

Amit Saha, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages talks about Coca-Cola's initiatives to drive sustainability while ensuring company growth, on seeing "Water as a Business Risk" and measures taken to address that risk.

In conversation with Chavvi Rajawat, Sarpanch- Village Soda (Rajasthan)

ChavviRajawat, Grand Jury Member of the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2014, shares her experience as a Jury Member

In conversation with Dr. Yogendra Saxena,Tata Power

Dr. YogendraSaxena of Tata Power shares his thoughts on the outlook of Indian industries towards sustainability and his experience at the 4th Annual SBLF Summit

In conversation with Beroz Gazdar,Mahindra & Mahindra

BerozGazdar of Mahindra & Mahindra talks about sustainability and what it means at Mahindra & Mahindra

In conversation with Roselin Dey,Parivartan Awards Organizing Team, 2014

Roselin Dey of Sustainability Outlook talks about the evolution of the Parivartan Awards and where it is headed in the future.

In conversation with Abhishekh Joshi,DHL

Abhishekh Joshi, Director (Business Development), DHL talks about sustainability in India and in DHL's operations

In conversation with Tushar Dave,ACC Ltd

Tushar Dave, VP- Central Logistics, ACC Ltd. talks about Sustainability in India, and particularly in the logistics industry.

In conversation with Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi,Mahindra Sanyo

Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi of Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel Private Limited talks about sustainability at Mahindra Sanyo

In conversation with Neha Kumar, GIZ

Neha Kumar of GIZ talks about responsible financing and the role it plays in enhancing ESG disclosure among Indian businesses

In conversation with Vilas P. Kulkarni of Kirloskar Oil Engines

Vilas P. Kulkarni of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. talks about sustainability at Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

In conversation with Radha Mohan,Reckitt Benckiser

Radha Mohan Gupta of Reckitt Benckiser talks about sustainability in India, particulary among FMCG companies

In conversation with Murali H.R,Namma Cycles

Murali H.R., Co-founder of Namma Cycles, and winner of Parivartan Sustainable Leadership Awards talks about the SBLF Annual Summit and the sustainability initiatives undertaken by Namma Cycles.

In conversation with Shekhar Nori,Skyshade Daylights

Shekhar Nori, Managing Director of Skyshade Daylights and winner of Parivartan Sustainable Leadership Awards talks about his experience at the SBLF Summit.

In conversation with Pranab Mondal,Essar Steel

Pranab Mondal, Essar Steel, talks about how curbing energy costs is definitely on the radar for steel manufacturers in terms of improving profitability.

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